2006, Great Burn, Idaho: Bigfoot Overturns Snowmobile


2006, Great Burn, Idaho: Bigfoot Overturns Snowmobile

Snowmobile enthusiast, Allen Shannon, had just unloaded his brand new snowmobile from his truck’s trailer. Shannon was about to start the snowmobile up, when he saw out of the corner of his eye a large brown creature moving toward him.

Fearing that a brown bear was coming at him, Shannon quickly got back into his truck and started the engine. As he sat there, he watched as a large Bigfoot walked up to his brand new snowmobile. The creature sniffed it a few times and batted at it with its hands. Then Shannon gasped in horror as the Bigfoot picked up the 100s of pounds of recreational vehicle, lifted it over its head, then slammed the machine to the ground.

The snowmobile seemed to explode into a million, trillion pieces. The Bigfoot kicked at some of the scraps, grunted a few times, then kept on walking as if nothing happened.

When Shannon reported the destruction of his property, he was informed that snowmobiles were not allowed in the Great Burn area, any longer.

2006, Bradford Woods, Indiana: Kids See Bigfoot


2006, Bradford Woods, Indiana: Kids See Bigfoot

A group of ten summer campers were having their last camping outing before the end of their session. They were just getting done with a team building exercise when one of the little girls excitedly cried out.

“Hey everybody, look at THAT guy!” she shouted pointing at a large creature slowly walking by the far end of their camp site.

All the other children raced over to see what the little girl was pointing at. Some of the little boys wanted to run over and meet that thing, but their camp councilor yelled for everyone to come back and line up.

The rest of the day the children were inventing stories about the Bigfoot they were all convinced they had just seen. The camp councilors though were not as convinced as the children, that it was, in fact, a bigfoot.