1998, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington: Bigfoot Throws Rocks


1998, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington: Bigfoot Throws Rocks

Harris Winnell was canoeing in Gifford Pinchot Forest. He was letting the slow current drift he along down the middle of the river. Suddenly, there was a massive splash to the left of him. Then another a little closer. The third splash was so close to the side of his canoe that he got wet.

Winnell knew that this was not something in the river, but rather something being thrown at him. That is when he saw the large hairy, dark figure on the ridge near his location. He watched at the the figure reached its huge powerful arm back and let fly a good sized rock, probably about the size of a soccer ball.

Winnell shouted at the figure. It was, then, that the figure leaned back and let out a horrifying howl unlike any human is capable of making. Winnell started paddling as fast as he could.

Later, when Winnell recounted the event to some other canoers along the river, they, too, had come across this angry monster throwing rocks at them. Everyone agreed whatever was up on that ridge was not human.


1998, Big Horn National Forest, Wyoming: Campers Rushed by Bigfoot


1998, Big Horn National Forest, Wyoming: Campers Rushed by Bigfoot

Campers Kristen Murphy and Elaine Gelles were sleeping in their tents in Bighorn National Forest. There was not a cloud in the sky, so the moon lit up the area. Around 3 AM, Gelles awoke suddenly. She had heard something moving around their campsite.

Gelles peeked out of her tent to see a brownish hairy figure creeping around. She curled up in the middle of her tent and held her breath. Hoping whatever it was outside her tent would just go away.

Meanwhile, Murphy, also, awake in her own tent heard the sniffling and grunting of the animal outside. While she did not brave a peek, she did see the shadow of the man-creature on the side of her tent.

The next morning the two friends exchanged notes about what they had witnessed and found Bigfoot tracks around some of the trees near their campsite. They packed up and did not spend another night at that location.