1977, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, New York: Bigfoot Throws Snowballs at Hiker


1977, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, New York: Bigfoot Throws Snowballs at Hiker

Daniel Dornhaus was hiking through an isolated area of Pharaoh Lake. He stopped to try to identify a bird he saw on a tree a few yards ahead of him. Suddenly, the tree trunk near the bird was hit with a smack by a snowball.

The startled Dornhaus yelled out in anger at whomever threw the snowball. He pulled his scarf tighter and stated to walk away when a tightly packed snowball pelted him in the back of the head. The snow went down between his jacket and shirt, something that always annoyed Dornhaus when he was a kid in snowball fights.

Dornhaus started yelling for the snowball thrower to show himself. When there was a terrific howl, a long guttural laugh, then like 15 to 25 snowballs came flying at Dornhaus, all at once. Most missed, but a few hit him. One knocked his hat off.

Dornhaus was incredibly angry now and started swearing and cursing. A large brown Bigfoot peeked out from behind a big mound of snowy bushes. The creature seemed to wave and smile at him, before chucking a snowball directly at Dornhaus.

Surprised for the second time that day, Dornhaus took off running as snowballs continued to fall around him and hit trees near him.

1977, Collings Mountain Trail, Oregon: Female Bigfoot Seen Nursing


1977, Collings Mountain Trail, Oregon: Female Bigfoot Seen Nursing

Nature hiker, Travis Jonathan, was hiking along Collings Mountain Trail when he stumbled upon something he never forgot.

Jonathan stopped to retie one of his boots. He looked down into the space under a large rock outcropping and saw a hunched over hairy figure. The figure was too human to be a bear and too animal to be a human. Jonathan watched the figure for a few minutes. Finally, he saw it reposition itself.

Jonathan was looking a a mother Bigfoot nursing a baby Bigfoot. The mother looked up and made eye contact with Jonathan, then swung herself around so that he was looking at her back. She turned her head a few times to see if Jonathat was still watching.

Eventually, Jonathan snapped out of his amazement to realize he was being very rude to the mother and child. He turned and continued his hike.

1977, Conconully State Park, Washington: Woman Claims Bigfoot Kidnapped Her


1977, Conconully State Park, Washington: Woman Claims Bigfoot Kidnapped Her

Early in the morning, a disheveled and confused Bernice Rutenbar, stumbled out of the woods into a Conconully campsite. Rutenbar’s clothes were in tatters and her hair was matted and full of twigs.

Rutenbar claimed that she had be grabbed out of her sleeping bag about 90 days ago by a Bigfoot. The creature took her to his lair, where it made her his wife. Rutenbar had to have relations with the beast, clean up, and prepare food that the monster brought back to the cave.

Rutenbar was unable to escape because the Bigfoot rolled a big boulder in front of the cave opening when it left for the day. After many days of torment and nights alone, Rutenbar was able to escape when the Bigfoot left a hole in the cave entrance.

Rutenbar wandered around for a day or two before finding the campsites. There was no physical evidence that Rutenbar had been violated by a Bigfoot, nor was she able to locate the cave she claims she escaped from. She was able to sell the rights of her story to a seedy paperback novelist who published a book called, “Bigfoot, My Husband,” which was loosely based on the Rutenbar tale.

1977, Strouds Run State Park, Ohio: Boys Build Bigfoot Entrapment Wall


1977, Strouds Run State Park, Ohio: Boys Build Bigfoot Entrapment Wall

While camping with their family, brothers Clinton and Adam Mahula became convinced their camp site was being stalked by a ravenous Bigfoot.

In order to protect themselves and their mom and dad, they came up with a complicated, if not wholly effective, plan of traps and walls.

They spend hours upon hours collecting rocks and branches that they arranged in a four inch high maze. Clinton had the idea that Bigfoot were naturally curious and would get trapped in the maze, trying to figure out the pattern. But there was no pattern and the Bigfoot would get trapped.

Adam was not as certain that a small maze on twigs on the ground would contain an 18 foot tall Bigfoot, but he kept his concerns to himself.

1977, Log Mountain, Tennessee: Hiker Sees Sleeping Bigfoot

Today in Bigfoot History

1977, Log Mountain, Tennessee: Hiker Sees Sleeping Bigfoot

Sam Thompson was hiking around the Log Mountain area in Tennessee. He stopped to tie his shoe and noticed a big black mass in the bushes about 500 yards from where he stopped. Thompson first thought it was a pile of leaves on a dead tree, but when the black mass shifted position, he feared it was a large animal, possibly a bear.

Thompson knelt there very still. He watched as the black mass repositioned itself. When it settled down, Thompson could make out gigantic feet and a large hairy head. Immediately he knew he was looking at a napping Bigfoot.

Upon his realization, Thompson high tailed it out of the area, fearing that he might waken it and become the object of its sleepy wrath.

When Thompson returned to the spot with some friends, they found a distinct impression in the undergrowth. Clearly, something large had lain there recently.

1977, McGee Creek State Park, Oklahoma: Fisherman Gets Flashed by Bigfoot


1977, McGee Creek State Park, Oklahoma: Fisherman Gets Flashed by Bigfoot

Richard Duke had been fishing for Crappie all morning. Just as he pulled all his lines in and started on his brown bag lunch.  He heard the bushes near him rustle. He turned in his folding chair to get a better look.

“Thought maybe it was Sly,” Duke said, “coming to sit a spell.”

Instead Duke saw a Bigfoot peeking out at him. It was clearly startled. Its eyes got wider and it let out a little squeak. Then the Bigfoot jumped back. Duke thought he heard it run away.

“I sat there holding my¬†bologna sandwich, my jaw hanging open, thinking ‘I just saw a damn Bigfoot.’ When if those damn bushes do not split open again. Only this time instead of the creature’s head poking through, it was his other end,” Duke chuckled.

“I imagine not too many people have truly, really seen a Bigfoot, let alone get mooned by one!”