1973, Ottawa National Forest, Michigan: Bigfoot’s Flaming Hands


1973, Ottawa National Forest, Michigan: Bigfoot’s Flaming Hands

Hippy shaman Freddy Yakka was on a walkabout in Ottawa Forest. He was rolling his lunchtime joint when he spied out of the corner of his eye, a floating ball of fire. At first, Yakka was convinced it was a spirit ball he had heard about spinning through sacred spot or traditional cemeteries.

But as the flaming ball of fire moved past Yakka’s squat, the full picture of what it was came into focus. Yakka claims that he saw a 14 or 16 foot tall Bigfoot slowly marching through the forest with one of his gigantic hands on fire. The flame as well yellow from a distance, but as it went past, Yakka could see it was a blue flame – like a sterno can.

Yakka is at a loss to explain what he saw, but he was still searching for a clear answer to what might have been going on with that creature he saw!


1973, Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana: Bigfoot Seen Using Tools


1973, Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana: Bigfoot Seen Using Tools

Will Trotoske claims to have seen a large hairy bipedal apelike man walking around the Kistachie Forest. The creature carried with it a long branch with it had wound some vines around in a net like fashion. Trotoske followed the breast for several minutes until they came to a clearing.

The beast started to unwind the vines from the branch and it was in fact a net. Trotoske could not believe his eyes as he watched the Bigfoot jump through the clearing attempting to snag butterflies in its crude net.

Scared of discovery, Trotoske did not stay too long. He left before the Bigfoot caught any butterflies or noticed him crouching behind a tree.

1973, Seven Mile Creek, Ohio: Couple Finds Bigfoot Leg


1973, Seven Mile Creek, Ohio: Couple Finds Bigfoot Leg

Dustin and Emily Littlestone were walking their dog, Tiger, along the Seven Mile Creek trail, when they stumbled upon a gruesome discovery.

Tiger started pulling and yelping at his leash. He was trying to get over to a strangely bent and twisted fallen tree. Dustin, the more indulgent of the dog’s owners, walked over to the tree to see what Tiger was so interested in.

Immediately, Dustin called out for Emily to come over. As usual, she was hesitant and questioned him about what he saw. Dustin replied that she really needed to see this.

Once Emily, finally, walked over she gasped with disgust. Laying in the leaves and muck as a dismembered leg. It was almost a foot wide, and covered in course reddish brown hair. The couple determined that it was a Bigfoot leg by the tremendous size of the foot attached to the severed leg.

Dustin wanted to collect it and bring it to the authorities. But Emily told him to stop being stupid. Tiger seemed intent upon chewing it.

1973, Stone State Park, Iowa: Hikers Hear Bigfoot Screams


1973, Stone State Park, Iowa: Hikers Hear Bigfoot Screams

While hiking in Stone State Park, Tim Phelby and Elaine Davidson, got an overwhelming feeling that they were being followed.

At first they chalked it up to a pot induced paranoia. After all, they were in a public park, it was entirely possible that other people were behind them on the trail.

But Elaine, being much more in tune with the paranormal, got an oppressive feeling. The only other time she felt similar feelings was when she and Tim were at the Indian Graveyard.

Elaine begged Tim to stop so she might try and contact whatever spirit was stalking them. But Tim remained intent upon moving ahead. The couple bickered back and forth. As the discussion got more heated and a bit louder, Tim was startled by a loud shriek coming from behind them.

At first it sounded like something from Mutual Of Ohama’s Wild Kingdom. The next scream was even louder and closer. Elaine started shaking and called out for the restless spirits to rest. But Tim knew after the next scream, they were hearing the mating call of the North American Sasquatch.

When the two emerged from their hike, they remained divided over what exactly they heard. And continued to contradict each other whenever they retold their encounter.

1973, Apalachicola River, Florida: Man Sees Bigfoot UFO Circle


1973, Apalachicola River, Florida: Man Sees Bigfoot UFO Circle

Fisherman Gordon Marash was walking to his favorite fishing site before dawn. He stopped to adjust the dial on his small transistor radio when he saw a bright light emerge from the sky. It appeared from behind a group of dark clouds. It started to descend.

Curious, Marash ran toward the descending light. After a few yards, he stopped in his tracks. In front of him maybe 100 yards, was a circle of torches. Marash feared he stumbled upon some criminal enterprise. But was unable to quell his curiosity, so he crept closer to get a better look.

Marash became horrified by what he saw. Standing in a large circle were a group of 8 to 10 Bigfoot. Most of them were holding crude torches, while others stood with their heads turned skyward. All were humming or moaning.

The light in the sky appeared over the group. A spotlight clanged on illuminating the circle of gray and black and red ape creatures with large feet and yellow glowing eyes. Gently each Bigfoot was lifted into the air and taken into the silver saucer in the sky.

Marash felt trapped, like he was in a nightmare, unable to move or even breathe. Paralyzed he watched as all the Bigfoot were taken into the saucer. Then the saucer hovered, spinning faster and faster, before zipping off into the sky.

To this day, Marash is uncertain what he saw was real or if it was a bad dream.

1973, Ouachita River Arkadelphia, Arkansas: Three Motorists See Bigfoot In the Road


1973, Ouachita River Arkadelphia, Arkansas: Three Motorists See Bigfoot In the Road

Around 8:30 PM, Carla Slowvan was driving along the Ouachita River. Tailgating her was a very impatient, Frank Hiller, the high school star quarterback, who was late to his youth group meeting.  Bringing up the rear, a safe two car lengths from Hiller’s back fender was Mildred Cacheck.

Cacheck saw the monster lurking in the middle of the road first and in a timely and responsible manner, applied her breaks.  Slowvan, distracted by Hiller’s headlights, which he kept flashing in her mirror, nearly hit the monster crouching near the yellow lane dividing line.  Hiller shouted a very nasty word, that would embarass his mother should she happen to read this, as he hit his breaks a second too late, thus rear ending Slowvan’s car.

In the chaos of the car accident, screeching tires, and errant horn honking, the Bigfoot, slowly, rose to its full 12 foot height.  Pinched between its massive fingers was a small blue flower that it had stooped down to retrieve from the middle of its, otherwise, quick road crossing pace.

When the police arrived on the scene of the accident, it was only the word of Mildred Cachekc that carried any weight.  For Cacheck was known through the area as a fine and cautious individual of high moral character.  While it was established that something was in the road, Hiller was still cited for failing to control his vehicle.  A ticket that was thrown out by Judge Don Debartlo, a high school football enthusiast.