1962, Petosky State Park, Michigan: Bigfoot Seen Tripping On Tree Roots


1962, Petosky State Park, Michigan: Bigfoot Seen Tripping On Tree Roots

While camping in the Petosky Park, Michigan native Lou Hutchings saw something he will never forget. While he was hiking around around his campsite, he heard a commotion a few yards ahead of him. It sounded like a large animal struggling to get up – twigs snapped, leaves rustled, and there was a low groan.

As Hutchings approached, he saw an 8 foot Bigfoot slowly getting to its huge feet. The Bigfoot was using a tree for balance. Then the creature took a few cautious steps, before its bigfoot big toe stubbed against a tree root that stuck up out of the dirt.

Hutchings watched in horror as the monster tumbled forward. The Bigfoot landed face first on the ground with a tremendous thud. The creature rolled over on its back, placed its hands behind its large head, and acted as if it meant to lay down and look up at the clouds.

Hutchings feared the the Bigfoot would be angry and embarrassed if it saw him giggling at it, so he slowly made his way back toward his campsite.

1962, Clatsop Forest, Oregon: Bigfoot, Rat Hunter


1962, Clatsop Forest, Oregon: Bigfoot, Rat Hunter

Exterminator Barney Glazner was hiking around Clatsop Forest. He came upon some small rodent tracks in the snow. Being an expert in pests and rodents, Galzner recognized the tracks as a family of rats. This was an odd thing to see in the forest, let alone this time of year. So Glazner followed the tracks.

After ten or fifteen feet, Galzner noticed that the rat tracks disappeared. Instead, large Bigfoot tracks took over. Completely stamping out the little rat tracks. This startled and alarmed Glazner. He considered turning around and leaving, since Bigfoot really, really frightened him.

That is when he saw the hulking form of a large black Bigfoot couching down to examine something on the ground. The creature sniffed a few times, turned to look at Glazner for a full minute, before continuing to follow the rat tracks.

Glazner is not certain, but he thinks that the rats were the Bigfoot’s pets that somehow got away from him.

1962, Hidden Springs Forest, Illinois: Half Man Bigfoot Seen Near Cave


1962, Hidden Springs Forest, Illinois: Half Man Bigfoot Seen Near Cave

A group of kids were playing near some water in Hidden Springs Forest. One of the children saw something emerge from a cave in the ground. Some of the children reported that it was completely hairless and obviously a female creature. The other half of the children claim that the monster was covered in hair and was a very powerful male. The one thing all the children agreed upon was that it was not a normal person, the creature was more like a big monster or hairless ape.

Clearly, the children saw a shape shifting Bigfoot caught emerging from its underground lair.

1962, Devil Tack Lake, Minnesota: Woman Sees Bigfoot Eyes Staring at Her


1962, Devil Tack Lake, Minnesota: Woman Sees Bigfoot Eyes Staring at Her

Joanna Gilmore awoke around 3 AM. She left the tent she shared with her sister Joanie. She was on her way to the outhouse, when something caught her attention in the trees.

At first Joanna thought it was the wind. But then she was convinced she saw a man or monkey jump between branches. She froze where she was and stared as hard as she could into the black night sky. She scanned the inner darkness of the trees. Suddenly, two red glowing eyes blinked open. They stared right at her.

Joanna screamed a little scream and jumped back. She could not take her eyes off the glowing orbs high among the branches. The two were locked together until a small squirrel or other woodland creature made a scurrying sound and the eyes in the trees flicked to spy on the motion.

Joanna, free of the stare of the creature, turned and ran back to her tent. The next morning she returned to the trees where she saw the eyes and found Bigfoot prints all around the tree trunks. Joanna realized that the Bigfoot was not IN the trees, but just nearly as tall as them which gave that impression.

When Joanna told her parents of the encounter, they assured her it was probably an owl. Though she remained dubious of that explanation.