1978, Unicoi State Park, Georgia: Parker Girls Fend Off Bigfoot


1978, Unicoi State Park, Georgia: Parker Girls Fend Off Bigfoot

Sisters, Julie and Kirsten Parker, were camping in Unicoi State Park. Just after midnight on their last day in the Park, their campsite came under assault by a number of Bigfoot.

Julie was the first to hear the creatures rustling around their supplies. She peeked out and saw two large Bigfoot looking creatures throwing their pots and pans around and stamping on their fire pit.

Julie woke her sister. The two of them got flashlights and aimed the beams in the eyes of the Bigfoot creatures. The monsters were startled and ran into the woods.

The rest of the night the Parker Sisters’ tent was pelted with pine cones and dirt clumps. Both sisters were incredibly frightened. As morning came, the Bigfoot seemed to grow bored or tired. By daybreak, the assault was completely over.

Both Parker Sisters swore off camping forever.


1951, Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia: Bigfoot Steals Fishing Boots


1951, Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia: Bigfoot Steals Fishing Boots

Alan Mellot was getting ready for his pre-dawn fishing, when he remembered he forgot something back at his tent. So he jogged back up toward his campsite.

On his way back to his fishing spot, Mellot saw a large Bigfoot ambling past him. He noticed that the creature held in its paws Mellot’s pair of brand new fishing boots. Mellot called out for the Bigfoot to stop, but the creature did not stop. Nor did the monster drop the new fishing boots.

“I don’t know why it took those boots,” Mellot said, “there was no way in hell they would have fit those gigantic feet of Bigfoot.”

1997, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri: Bigfoot Tree Knocking Explained


1997, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri: Bigfoot Tree Knocking Explained

Danny Katay was hiking through Mark Twain forest. He had heard this time of year two Bigfoot were often seen. The theory was that they were migrating West.

Katay neither heard nor saw any Bigfoot activity nor evidence. Until he heard three distinct tree knocks. He raced toward the direction of the knocking.

Katay came upon a clearing and saw the two Bigfoot. One over 12 feet tall and the small one closer to 9 feet. They were both holding large rocks in their massive hands. They took turns throwing the rocks at a nearby tree. The force of the rocks took the bark off the side of the tree.

Katay thinks that he discovered the origin of the majority of the tree knocking phenomenon. It is target practice. The Bigfoot must use rocks in hunting and defense.

2011, Bunny Flat Trail, California: Bigfoot Gropes Cross Country Skier


2011, Bunny Flat Trail, California: Bigfoot Gropes Cross Country Skier

Nancy Rowland was cross country skiing along Bunny Flat Trail. She stopped to look at a strange nest exposed in the bare branches of a nearby tree.

Lost in thought, Rowland did not hear the gentle thump of the Bigfoot approaching her. Suddenly she felt the large hair arms embrace her. She started to scream as the Bigfoot pinched her behind.

Rowland claims that her scream must have startled the Bigfoot who was not used to being denied its forward advances. The gross creature, immediately released Rowland. It muttered something that sounded like a half hearted apology and then walked away with its massive head hanging low.

It did look back once or twice, almost as if the Bigfoot expected Rowland to call it back for more bottom pinching.

1866, Hemptead, Texas: General George Armstrong Custer Displays Bigfoot Head


1866, Hemptead, Texas: General George Armstrong Custer Displays Bigfoot Head

General George Armstrong Custer in order to enforce his draconian ban on foraging undertook extreme measures. He flogged his troops, shaved their heads, and even staged mock executions where he spared the condemned at the last possible moment.

But his most extreme and flagrantly offensive tactic was to display the severed head of a Bigfoot that some of his men had shot and killed thinking the gentle creature a hostile combatant.

The three Native American guides that traveled with General Custer’s regiment warned that to kill a Bigfoot was to curse yourself to certain and humiliating death. General Custer laughed in their faces and made the Native Americans carry the pike with the the Bigfoot head.

Of course, only a few short years later, General Custer became famous for the most humiliating deaths in history.

1956, Beacon Rock, Washington: Bigfoot Seen Creating Strange Lights in the Sky


1956, Beacon Rock, Washington: Bigfoot Seen Creating Strange Lights in the Sky

Rodney Sterling was camping in Beacon Rock. He was looking up at the sky trying to determine if it was going to rain. Sterling caught a glimpse of a very strange and unexplained light zip along the bottom of some clouds.

Sterling was certain he was going to be visited by the Aliens again. But when the strange and unexplained light zipped along the same clouds, in the same fashion, Sterling knew something else was going on.

Sterling took off running toward where the light seemed to be, trying to get directly under the clouds. Just as he crashed through a dense thicket, he came face to face with a monstrous Bigfoot. The creature was spinning an old military spotlight around.

Sterling was appalled that he had been pranked by a Bigfoot. For its part, the Bigfoot seemed appalled that Sterling attempted to get the creature to leave the spotlight alone. A brief argument ensued before both parties agreed to go their separate ways.

1987, Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire: Bigfoot Terrorizes New Year’s Day Revelers


1987, Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire: Bigfoot Terrorizes New Year’s Day Revelers

Robert Stott had organized a massive outdoor New Year’s Eve rave dance party in a remote clearing in Franconia Park. There were over 100 people still at the party at daybreak. Though, most people had left hours ago, the partiers who remained were having a great time dancing.

All of the sudden, a large tree flew over the heads of the dancers to smash into the DJ table. The tree trunk completely destroyed the turntables and knocked the DJ over. Just as the music stopped and most of the dancers started to notice the silence, large clumps of snow started to pelt the dancers. These massive snowballs knocked people off their feet. As the party goers panicked and started to scattered, Stott saw the source of the attack.

Two large angry looking Bigfoot were standing in the tree line screaming and howling and throwing snow balls at the party. Stott likes to think that the Bigfoot were really hungover from the previous night’s party and took it out on his rave.