2010, The Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, Yeti Breathing Tubes

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Piotr Klossowski captures several seconds of cell phone footage of a dark haired Yeti while taking the cure in the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia. The footage clearly shows a dark figure marching past some large boulders jutting from the side of a hill. The Yeti pauses several times to readjust a large cylinder that it pulls behind itself. After Klossowski appears on several talk shows promoting his shaky and blurred footage theories pop up that the Yeti appears to be sick or injured. Possibly horribly burned in a forest fire. Interestingly, Slovakian Yetis benefit from a nationalized health care system that provides for all citizens, regardless of economic, racial or monstrous status.

1965. Resava-Morava Coal Fields, Serbia, Bigfoot V. Yeti

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Bo┼żo Markov claims that, while trudging home from Resava-Morava Coal Fields, he witnesses a paw fight between two large creatures. Markov describes the creatures as a Bigfoot (2.5 meters tall with brown hair full of twigs) and a Yeti (1.8 meters tall with clean white combed hair and large hands). Markov watched as the two creatures tussled and screeched at one another until the Yeti jumped in Resava River. The Bigfoot waved its arms and yelled, obviously afraid of the rushing, cold river water. Markov was largely ignored based on his poor eye sight and proclivity to vodka.