1993, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee: Bigfoot Carries Windowpane


1993, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee: Bigfoot Carries Windowpane

Bodie Cisco was hiking around Tom Town in the Great Smoky Mountains.  He stopped to look at a small critter rustling in the bushes. When a small chipmunk scurried out and ran right past him, he started laughing.

Just as Cisco turned to resume his hike, he heard a heavy sigh. He stopped dead in his tracks thinking that there were other people about. Just as he was about to call out a friendly “Hello,” he saw the Bigfoot stomping along.

Cisco froze. He watched in a combination of horror and curiosity. The oddest thing about this Bigfoot was that it was carrying a full window pane. The window looked like it had been ripped right off the side of a house. The creature carried it under its massive arm.

Cisco watched the monster until it was out of sight. He is pretty sure that Bigfoot did not even notice he was there, it was soooo focused on getting that windowpane to where ever it was going. To this day, Cisco has no idea what that Bigfoot wanted with that window.

2010, Windrock Mountain, Tennessee: Mountain Bikers Attacked by Bigfoot


2010, Windrock Mountain, Tennessee: Mountain Bikers Attacked by Bigfoot

Jeff “Brickman” Brickman and Rod “Tray” Traynor were mountain biking down the Middle Finger trail. It was around dusk and the light was breaking up as it filtered through the trees.

Brickman was leading.

“Tray was totally trying to catch up,” Brickman continues, “I could hear him huffing and puffing like a little bitch.”

Traynor just sniffles.

“Anyway, before I know it, there is this monterous scream and then there is this hairy dude…”

“Creature,” Traynor interrupts.

“…Yeah, this big muscly creature like a ‘roid head from the gym, you know. And just as effing hairy too. Like one of them Armenian plumbers, I knew in Fresno,” Brickman bragged.

“Yeah, Brickman, used to live in Fresno, in case he hasn’t mentioned it yet. He will, about a billion more times,”” Traynor spit his chew into an empty Monster drink.

“So anyway, this creature is just howling and screaming and waving its long hairy arms. I thought I was at an Edgar Winter Concert…”


“Edgar Winter! Man, he is this albino scientologist wicked guitar player…” Brickman started to air guitar.

“Whatever, man, get back to the bigfoot…”

“Right. So this damn Bigfoot, ’cause that is totally what the creature was, man. It was a huge stinky bigfoot and he started hauling ass after us. It comes barrelling down, crashing through the tress and shit. Tray sped past me. I could tell he totally pissed his pants too!”

“Aw man. You did to. Especially, when that bigfoot started chucking rocks at you,” Traynor said with a red face.

“Yeah, it totally did. But I don’t think he was trying to hit me. Not really. I mean if that bigfoot really wanted to it could have totally annihilated us, son. I mean, personally, I think it was just effing with us.”

“Yeah you might be right. I mean it did just stop. Just like that,” Traynor claps his hands in front of his face.

“Me, personally, I think bigfoot is kind of a dick,” Brickman said stoically.

Traynor laughed and laughed.

1977, Log Mountain, Tennessee: Hiker Sees Sleeping Bigfoot

Today in Bigfoot History

1977, Log Mountain, Tennessee: Hiker Sees Sleeping Bigfoot

Sam Thompson was hiking around the Log Mountain area in Tennessee. He stopped to tie his shoe and noticed a big black mass in the bushes about 500 yards from where he stopped. Thompson first thought it was a pile of leaves on a dead tree, but when the black mass shifted position, he feared it was a large animal, possibly a bear.

Thompson knelt there very still. He watched as the black mass repositioned itself. When it settled down, Thompson could make out gigantic feet and a large hairy head. Immediately he knew he was looking at a napping Bigfoot.

Upon his realization, Thompson high tailed it out of the area, fearing that he might waken it and become the object of its sleepy wrath.

When Thompson returned to the spot with some friends, they found a distinct impression in the undergrowth. Clearly, something large had lain there recently.

2002, Prentice Cooper State Forest, Tennessee: Bigfoot Seen and Heard


2002, Prentice Cooper State Forest, Tennessee: Bigfoot Seen and Heard

Loren Wade-Wiley told this story:

“I was walking like I do everyday to keep these diabetic legs from freezing up on me.  You know how diabetics walk when they are doing their therapy?  Kicking one leg out all akimbo then stomping the foot down, hard and flat.  Makes a stomping sound is the only way I can think to describe it, at all.”

“Anyway, there I was, early in the morning, not so early that the sun wasn’t up, because it was and it was clear and bright that morning too.  So all those naysayers who call me a liar or think maybe I mistook a transient miscreant for a Bigfoot just should face up to the facts that I am not lying about what I saw next.”

“A Bigfoot.”

“Honest to Jesus!  I saw it standing right over in the woods not that far from where I was doing my diabetic leg therapies.  It was just standing there really.  Not doing anything on its own.  I think it was just as surprised to see me as I was to see it.  I say that because the next thing I can see is that Bigfoot let out a little welp, like a dog sometimes does in its sleep, you know that kind of noise? Or maybe you don’t keep dogs.”

“So it makes this little welp, then hops up on its toes, turns and runs off in the opposite direction.  Even though it was gone, I was certain of that fact, I did not finish my diabetic leg therapies that morning.  Instead, I took myself right to McDonalds and got a milk shake to calm my nerves.”

1922, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee: Boy Chased After Fishing Trip


1922, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee:Boy Chased After Fishing Trip

Mark Science tells the following story from his childhood, growing up in the Smokies.

He loved to fish the river about a mile from his house.  Mark loved it so much he would wake up hours before dawn  just to get some fishing in before he went to school.  Even in the pre-dawn dark, Mark knew the way to his favorite spot.  He even knew where the path dipped low and there was always a deep puddle, which if you stepped in you sank up to your belt buckle.

Mark had fished for maybe 45 minutes and caught a good number of fish, when he heard what sounded like a whole group of men coming through the woods.  Quite a loud commotion with shuffling leaves, breaking tree branches, and all sorts of huffing and puffing.

Knowing better than to mess with any of the men who drank all night on the ridge and lived in the hollows, Mark sank into the nearby underbrush, hiding as best he could.  From his muddy hiding place, he watched as the darkness parted and a huge monster appeared out of the woods.

The creature, probably 12 feet tall and covered in dark black hair, sniffed the air.  Its huge nostrils puffing up to snort like his grandfather did after dinner when he dozed off on the couch.  Then cocking its head, the monster turned to where Mark had his morning’s catch hanging from a tree.

The creature grabbed the fish and devoured them all in two big gnashing bites.  Watching as fish parts flew in all directions, mark got incredibly scared and bolted out from the safety of his hiding place.  He ran with all his might.

The creature grunted in disgusted and chased him.  Mark never ran so fast in his life, but he remembered with the sinkhole was and nimbly dodged it.  The creature was not so lucky.  The last Mark heard of the monster was a powerful howl and water splashing.

1915 Fox Farm, Trigg County Kentucky, Broken Nose Abduction

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Col. Robert Fox hears tell that his family farm had come under attack by a strange animal force. The assaulting creature wounded his wife with a severe, though hardly life threatening punch. While thrashing the interior of the family’s small farmhouse, after decimating the chicken coops and startling the livestock. The Fox family, the Colonel is told, has relocated to his wife’s maternal homestead in Western Tennessee. Col. Fox rushed to the farm and hastily organized a posse to search for the monster. On the second night of the hunt, the horses are spooked into flight by cracking trees and thrown bark at their stable. The next morning, the Colonel finds himself lightened by the retreat of lilly0livered cowards who fear another night in the deep woods. That will be the last anyone sees or hears of the Colonel for almost a full year. Until he emerges from the woods, covered in twigs and smelling of blackberry jam. His tale is one of abduction, fisticuffs and derring do. The creature, he claimed, kidnapped him and took him into a mossy enclave where a tribe of primitive ape men and women, lived in brutal harmony. The Colonel earned the tribe’s begrudging respect, when in a round of Queensbury Rules boxing, he broke the nose of the ape tribe’s prized fighter. The Colonel escaped by covering himself in peat and crawling among the Earth for miles.