2016, Lake Hiddenwood, South Dakota: Bigfoot in Playground


2016, Lake Hiddenwood, South Dakota: Bigfoot in Playground

Maddy and Connor Bosarge were racing to play on the playground near where their family was camping in Lake Hiddenwood Park. Maddy who was six and Connor who was 11, stopped dead in their tracks when they saw a huge Bigfoot sitting on the top of the swing set.

“We know what Bigfoot looks like from library books,” Maddy stated matter of factly.

“Maddy knows more about Bigfoot than me,” Connor admits, “but I at least know what he looks like.”

“Yes, I am going to be a cryptozoologist when I grow up,” Maddy boasts, “So this isn’t going to be the last time I see Bigfoot, I guess.”

“Maddy said we should just leave Bigfoot alone, so we just turned around and went down by the creek.”

“Yes. I think Bigfoot was thinking about stuff. Or at least he looked like he was,” Maddy assured.

The children’s parents just think the two are quite the characters.


2005, Little Missouri State Park, North Dakota: Bigfoot Migration Seen


2005, Little Missouri State Park, North Dakota: Bigfoot Migration Seen

John Joya was hiking around Little Missouri State Park. He had left the established path to look for spiders, when he came upon a truly disturbing sight.

Joya discovered a group of Bigfoot marching along in single file. There were six of them, all about the same size and approximate age, Joya surmised by the color of their hair and ease of their movements. None of the marching Bigfoot looked over toward him. Nor did they seem to look anywhere than straight ahead.

Where that group was going and what they were doing, Joya has a lot of theories. But the fact that he neither followed them nor did he do any sort of further investigation renders his theories as pure speculation.

What does seem clear from this behavior is that these Bigfoot were probably Government Controlled Androids.

1986, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota: Hiker Sees Bigfoot Goop


1986, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota: Hiker Sees Bigfoot Goop

Sam Kinder was hiking in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park around dusk. Kinder said he heard a slow drip up ahead.

“It sounded like when you empty a can of soup into the pan, that sort of long sluck,” Kinder reported.

As he approached the sound he saw that there was a whitish, goo dripping from the branches uphead.

“I seen enough horror movies, where the hillbilly goes and sticks his fingers or s stick into the alien goop and it scoots up that stick and starts taking over his body. I didn’t go near it,” Kinder said.

Instead, Kinder walked around the trees where the goop dripped down. When pressed to explain the origin of the slime, Kinder simply smiles and says, “Bigfoot, obviously.”