2016, Uwharrie National Forest, North Carolina: Bigfoot Juice Experiment


2016, Uwharrie National Forest, North Carolina: Bigfoot Juice Experiment

Housewife and blogger Robyn Rook invented a juice that she claimed would attract Bigfoot. The unimaginatively named Bigfoot Juice was made from a secret combination of fruits and berries, native to North America. One person who tried the juice himself said it tasted a lot like ordinary cranberry juice.

In order to boost sales of her product, Rook orchestrated a publicity stunt in which she left big open vats of Bigfoot Juice around Uwharrie Forest. The local news sponsored the motion activated cameras set up to record the inevitable arrival of Bigfoot.

Unsurprisingly no Bigfoot showed up. Rook’s sales spiked, then dropped off completely. Rook stopped production of Bigfoot juice in 2017 and deleted her blog.

1965, Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina: Bigfoot Sounds Recorded


1965, Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina: Bigfoot Sounds Recorded

Audio Engineer, Steve Wholeater, ventured into Nantahala Forest to record bird calls for a project. The bird calls were commissioned by a Professor at a prestigious Northern University. Wholeater felt very fortunate that he landed this job.

Days later, as he edited the reel-to-reel tapes, that he discovered something fantastic. Completely unaware of it at the time, Wholeater recorded several minutes of Bigfoot hoots, tree knocking, and at least one long scream. At first, Wholeater was confused by the sounds he heard, but it became clear to him that what he recorded was exceptional in quality and rarity.

Over the next several months, Wholeater traveled the county playing his recordings to Bigfoot Hunters and leading Cryptozoologists. Each and every one of the professionals he played his recordings for were amazed. Many of them attempted to purchased the recordings from him. But Wholeater kept holing out for better, larger offers.

Sadly, Wholeater was killed in a fiery car cash along the California coast. It is widely believed that his recordings were destroyed in the same cash.

1964, Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina: Camper is Kissed By Bigfoot


1964, Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina: Camper is Kissed By Bigfoot

Jake and Lindsey Cannon were camping with their new Airstream camper in the Great Smoky Mountains.  On the first night of their stay, Lindsey said she heard someone prowling around the camper.  Leaves and twigs cracking as someone shuffled around.  Jake, a deep sleeper, reassured Lindsey that if she really did hear something, it was most likely a couple of raccoons.

The next night, Lindsey was up reading a book. Again she heard the shuffling around outside. This time, she woke up her husband.  Just as he was putting on his robe to check outside, the both heard something scrape along the window side of the camper.  The sound was like nails on a chalk board.  Jake yelled loudly, trying to startle whatever was scratching the metal outside.

Instead of scaring the animal, the creature let out a long snort.  Then began to slap and push on the side of the camper with such force that the Airstream rocked back and forth. Lindsey screamed in terror, which seemed to stop the assault.

As soon as it was light enough to see, Lindsey and Jake went out to examine the side of the camper.  There were large footprints in the dirt.  And there were large hand prints on aluminum panels.  But the weirdest part, there were two gigantic lip impressions on the small window.  Like an ape kissed the camper.

Jake and Lindsey left the Smoky Mountains that same day.

2002, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Suspicions Arise That Missing Hikers Abducted


2002, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Suspicions Arise That Missing Hikers Abducted

New evidence in the missing hikers, Trenny Gibson and Thelma Pauline Melton, comes to light when a suspicious package and letter are discovered at a ranger’s station lookout in the Great Smoky Mountains.

The package which consisted of a used burlap sack contained several items. Upon inspection, it was deterimed that three of the items belonged to Trenny Gibson, missing since 1981. Several other items clearly belonged to Thelma Pauline Melton, missing since 1987. Authorities did not reveal the specifics of the items found.

But the interesting thing was that the burlap sack seemed to be covering in coarse, fine apelike hair. Samples were sent to a leading forensic lab for further analysis.

Some have postulated that the hair was similar to hairs found stuck to branches and trees. These hairs are widely considered authentic Bigfoot hair. Many think now that the missing hikers were abducted by lonely Bigfoot who roam the Great Smoky region.

A call has been made to the local authorities to follow up on this new development and not rule out the potential hostile abduction by Bigfoot angle.


2011, Gibsonville North Carolina, Muddy Footprints on Pavement

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Leo and Bernie Barely claim to have seen big foot prints on the street in front of a small wooded grove near their Gibsonville North Carolina home. While size and shape are consistent with a Bigfoot, the prints were ambiguous enough to spark the interest of several regional Bigfoot Investigation Teams. One of those teams, lead by Jeff Jerlurkey, excitedly sets up camp in the woods. Over a couple of nights, the team record wood knocking sounds and snorting which they take as definitive proof of the presence of a Bigfoot. On the third night, Jerlurkey sets up a perimeter of infrared and motion sensitive cameras. Shortly after four a.m., all the cameras activate capturing what looks like a creature moving quickly through the area. Jerlurkey announces the find, but refuses to release the footage unless he is given his own reality program.

1969, Turkey Trot Lane, North Carolina Stick Poking

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Jessie Franklin demonstrates to police how he beat back “one them darned Bigfoots.” Franklin had been drinking at his illegal moonshine still just off Turkey Trot Lane. Franklin claimed that the creature came running out of the woods, waving its “hairy man paws” and calling out like a wild boar. Franklin picked up a stick from the ground and poked at the beast until the creature retreated. While demonstrating his method to local authorities, Franklin became so out of breath that he needed medical assistance.