1987, Baxter State Park, Maine: Bigfoot Seen Running Backward


1987, Baxter State Park, Maine: Bigfoot Seen Running Backward

Carson Henke was painting a majestic vista in Baxter State Park. Or at least he was trying to paint the majestic view he saw before him.

Suddenly Henke noticed a large black figure moving slowly across the tree line. Henke was alarmed because the shards of sun light that broke through the trees and foliage, seemed completely absorbed by the figure.

The more Henke watched, the stranger the figure became, for not only did it seem to be eating the sun light around it, the creature seemed to be moving backward. Not like a man walking backward, but more like a movie being rewound.

After doing some research, Henke is sure the creature was a Bigfoot. But Henke is at a loss as to what was happening to it or what it was up to.



1995, Aroostook State Park, Maine: Hiker Followed by Bigfoot


1995, Aroostook State Park, Maine: Hiker Followed by Bigfoot

Paul Malone was hiking in Arrostook Park for a few hours. He stopped to decide if he should head back to his campsite or if he would keep going out.

Malone suddenly felt like he was being watched. He said the hairs on his arms and neck stood up and he got goosebumps. Malone turned and started back the way he came.

For a little over 20 minutes, he had the distinct feeling that someone was following him. He heard branches snap and leaves shuffle behind him. Malone kept trying to catch a glimpse of who was following him, but each time he turned around he just caught a smear of movement.

Just as abruptly as the feeling came over him it was gone. Malone is convinced that what was following him was a Bigfoot. He thinks he must have gotten too close to a den or nest or something the Bigfoot was protecting. It followed him to make sure he was actually leaving the area.


1986, Masardis, Maine: Burt Poland’s Great Grandson Reveals Note


1986, Masardis, Maine: Burt Poland’s Great Grandson Reveals Note

On August 8, 1897, six year old Lillian Carney wandered into the woods near her home in Masardis, Maine. She was missing for 48 hours. A man who lived near her, Burt Poland found her almost 3 miles from her house.

In 1986, Burt Poland’s great-grandson, John Poland shared a handwritten note that his grandfather wrote the night after he found little Lillian.

In the note, Burt claims that when he found little Lillian, she was wearing a cape of fur and a crown of flowers. She was slightly dazed, but kept repeating that she wanted to stay with her friends because they thought she was a princess. Burt said that Lillian kept talking about the “lights in their eyes.” When he asked Lillian about that she said, the “hairy people had sunlight in their eyes.”

According to John, Burt spent the rest of his days wandering those woods at night searching high and low for the hairy people. Burt was convinced they were a tribe of Bigfoot and was intent on proving it.


1998, Holeb Pond, Maine: Bigfoot Washing Up


1998, Holeb Pond, Maine: Bigfoot Washing Up

Robert Martin was hiking around Holeb Pond when he heard tremendous splashing. Thinking there might be some fun ahead he rushed toward the noise.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw two huge hairy red Bigfoot playfully splashing each other. one stood in the water about knee deep while the other stood at the water’s edge, clearly trying to stay dry.

The Bigfoot in the water kept reaching into the pond and flinging water at the other who would howl in frustration. Martin stared in disbelief before slowly creeping away.

It was only about a half an hour later than Martin remembered the camera hanging around his neck. He still tells the story of how he was too frightened by the enormity of the creatures to actually take their photograph.

His family assume he made the whole thing up.

1983, Mount Battie, Maine: Elderly Man Chases Bigfoot Out Of His Backyard With A Rake


1983, Mount Battie, Maine: Elderly Man Chases Bigfoot Out Of His Backyard With A Rake

Eric Smith of Camden, Maine was in his backyard.  An amateur ornithologist, Smith took a break from raking some leaves into a while when he noticed a figure standing in his backyard.

Along the wooden fence in the far Northeast corner of Smith’s backyard stood a 8 to 10 foot ape man.  “He had thick thighs and a really small head for his massive body. Now I am not calling it fat, outright, since I do not know what is normal for a creature like that.  But it was a tad bit plump.”

“It had large feet, too. Which I only noticed after I started waving my rake in the air above my head. I am not, at all, sure what came over me. Maybe it was some sort of natural instinct to protect my property, because I have never been more scared in all my times.”

“I guess I am pretty lucky that I startled the beast. Otherwise, it might have charged me. I can tell you I would not have liked to be pummeled by a thing that big.  So yeah, I think I am lucky. I would tell anyone who comes across it to steer clear.  I got lucky.”