1949, Rifle Gap, Colorado: Bigfoot Shot at by Bird Watcher


1949, Rifle Gap, Colorado: Bigfoot Shot at by Bird Watcher

Mark Ketting pulled his car over to do some impromptu bird watching. Ketting got out of his car and walked a fifty feet into the woods. He was scanning the trees with his binoculars, when something rushed him. It bumped into him and nearly knocked him over.

Ketting started to angrily react, when he got a good look at the beast that slammed into him. Ketting recognized at once that he had been rushed by a Bigfoot. Ketting drew his pistol and managed to get off a few shots at the Bigfoot that was racing away.

Ketting remains convinced that his wounded the beast, but there was no evidence of blood anywhere in the area.

1978, Barr Lake State Park, Colorado: Glowing Bigfoot Seen


1978, Barr Lake State Park, Colorado: Glowing Bigfoot Seen

While birding in along a remote path around Barr Lake, Marybeth Lessing, witnessed a strange occurrence. Lessing claims that she saw through her birding spectacles a large ape like monster punching the air. As she watched this creature seemingly shadow boxing, it became clear that it was a Bigfoot fist fighting a smallish glowing humanoid creature.

Lessing refuses to believe in UFOs or Extraterrestrial aliens. Lessing claims people who believe in those things have serious mental problems.

So what does Lessing think she saw the Bigfoot fighting? A radioactive mutant child, probably recently escaped from a secret government underground lab. As Lessing points out, those types of labs are buried everywhere around the Pacific Northwest.

1983, Castlewood Canyon State Park, Colorado: Bigfoot Bothered by Reflection


1983, Castlewood Canyon State Park, Colorado: Bigfoot Bothered by Reflection

Lee John Horton was 11 years old when his parents took him to Castlewood Canyon. He was super bored and acting out. So parents made him sit on a rock near a little creek and waterfall, while the hiked around.

Horton was wearing a brand new watch. It was a bit too big for him and he thought it was heavy on his wrist so he took it off. That is when he noticed that the back of the watch face reflected the sun brilliantly.

As he played around aiming the reflection along the rocks and hitting the waterfall, he noticed a creature’s head. At first he thought it was just a beaver, but then it turned and he saw its face. Horton knew he was looking a Bigfoot sitting among the rocks.

Instead of being frightened, Horton aimed his watch reflection at the Bigfoot. It took a few minutes to get the aim just right, but finally Horton managed to get the reflection right in the face of the monster.

After a few minutes, of swatting its huge paws around and rubbing its face, the Bigfoot stood up to its full height. It looked over toward Horton, how threw himself flat among the rocks, trying to hide. Horton heard a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as the Bigfoot screamed at him in agitation.

When Horton peaked his head up, the Bigfoot was gone. To this day, Horton still does not feel bad about teasing the gentle Bigfoot.

1952, Greater Prairie Chicken Trail, Colorado: Bird Watcher Watches Dancing Bigfoot


1952, Greater Prairie Chicken Trail, Colorado: Bird Watcher Watches Dancing Bigfoot

Amateur ornithologist, Avery Hideman, was out birding along the Greater Prairie Chicken Trail in Fort Mason, Colorado. Hideman spied two Cassin’s Sparrows when he noticed something in the lower corner of his binoculars. He swung them down to investigate what he saw made him cruse and nearly drop his binoculars.

Hideman claims he saw two Bigfoot dancing along the ridge about a half mile away. Hideman was certain they were Bigfoot because of their enormous size. They were covered in dark hair and looked like giant apemen. Hideman was totally convinced when the two creatures kick up their heels and he saw their big feet! They were larger than any human feet that he ever seen.

Hideman watched for several minutes the two monsters prance around. Unfamiliar with many popular dances, Hideman probably misidentified the Bigfoot dance as “clear square dance moves.”

1957, Breckenridge Ski Resort, Colorado: Bigfoot Seen Entering UFO


1957, Breckenridge Ski Resort, Colorado: Bigfoot Seen Entering UFO

Jack Chalich, a college student out on a morning ski stumbles upon a very disturbing sight. As he zig zagged down the Beaver Run Trail, he spotted something bright, shiny, and clearly metallic on the other side of the treeline.

He came to a stop to investigate the strange object. It was about the size of two Chevrolet sedans stacked next to each other and as tall as a playground slide. It gave off a light that was nearly impossible to look directly at, and the silver surface of the machine was otherworldly. It only took Chalich a few seconds to realize he stumbled upon a genuine UFO.

Just as that fact hit him, Chalich realized he was standing there gawking at it like a tourist. Immediately, he ducked down. He crept closer to the cylinder spaceship, laying flat on his belly in some dense bushes.

Chalich nearly sqwaked when he saw the tall white skinned alien beings walk out through the woods. They were chattering in a clicking language to a huge hairy beast. Chalich rubbed his eyes in disbelief as the massive Bigfoot bent down to better hear the large fish eye alien beings.

He watched in horror as three more alien creatures emerged from the side of the spaceship. They clearly greeted the Bigfoot, who gently embraced each one, before the whole group re-entered the UFO. Chalich passed out or fainted. Because the next thing he remembers is waking up at the bottom of the ski trail. His skies had been removed and neatly stacked next to him.

Chalich found that as he told his tale to others, many believed the UFO part but dismissed the claim that Bigfoot was an alien.

2010, Roxy Ann Peak, Colorado: Man Hears Howls and Knocks


2010, Roxy Ann Peak, Colorado: Man Hears Howls and Knocks

Thomas Colhouse was hiking in Roxy Ann Peak before sunrise.  Colhouse enjoyed the quiet of his pre-dawn hikes.  But on this day, Colhouse was disturbed by a distant howling.

“It was unlike any animal noise I ever heard before,” Colhouse said, “Sounded so mournful and sad.”

Colhouse stopped to listen. He thought someone might be in distress. When the howling continued, it was accompanied by a sharp wood knocking.

“When I head the tree knocking,” Colhouse continued, “I knew it must have been a Bigfoot making those noises. I heard them once before, back when I was younger. That same sad howling followed by the inhuman sound of a powerful blow upon a hollow tree stump.”

Once Colhouse concluded that the howling was some distance away from him, he continued his planned hike without incident.

1982, Green Moutain Falls, Colorado, Alien Control

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Howard Catner publishes his seminal book “Alien Minds: The Remote Control Structure of The Bigfoot Hoaxes” In it, Catner argues that UFOs have been circling the Earth since the mid-1940s. In order to sow strife and foster hostility among mankind, the Aliens come up with schemes. One of the longest last and most effective schemes is Bigfoot. Catner claims to have hard evidence of how the Bigfoot is a remote control meatpuppet that and Alien team controls while cloaked in their invisibility shields. Why the Aliens would need a large hairy ape puppet to scare campers is easily answered when Catner reveals that the Aliens themselves are about the size of Smurfs, as seen on Saturday morning children’s cartoons.