2012, Mission Forest, British Columbia: Chinese Tourists Are Chased by Bigfoot


2012, Mission Forest, British Columbia: Chinese Tourists Are Chased by Bigfoot

A group of elderly Chinese tourists on holiday in British Columbia, Canada were taken to an easily accessible short trail in Mission Forest.  Their tour guide had chosen this trail for its low incline, semi-scenic vistas, and clear pathways.  At least two people in this tourist group walked with canes as the median age was 68 years old.

“We were moving like a herd of turtles,” tour guide George Yi Lu said, “when one little old man pointed into the woods and started yelling BEEEGFOOOO BEEEEFOOOO!”

The elderly group became confused.  Some went to look at what their friend was pointing toward, while others started grousing about the loud commotion, while a few, still, kept walking, having turned off their hearing aids.

“There was a big something in the woods,” Yi Lu continued, “but I am not sure it was a Bigfoot.  It looked more like a park ranger or maybe a garbage man.”

Still, many of the tour were unconvinced by this explanation and returned home with a great story about seeing a Bigfoot in Canada. 

1978, Viscount, Saskatachewan, Canada: Several Bigfoot Observed Dancing In Wheat Crops


1978,  Viscount, Saskatachewan, Canada: Several Bigfoot Observed Dancing In Crops

Fisher Rangdon and his wife, Milnar, are awakened in the middle of the night by sounds of snorting, grunting, and what sounds like monkey shrieks.  Fisher goes to the back porch to investigate.  He shines his flashlight around his farm. He does not see anything that is making the noises.

Then he hears a powerful rustling in his wheat field.  It sounded like an old time thrasher harvesting the crop.  Fisher, against the pleas of his wife, creeps out into the field.  He hopes to catch whomever is out there making a mess of his crops.

As he approaches the area where the sound is loudest, he steps back in horror.  Dancing around paw in paw are several Bigfoot.  Huge, heavy, hairy creatures that look nothing like any ape Fisher ever saw.  In fact, they seemed to glow in the moonlight, shimmering with sparkling silver and gold.

Fisher turned tail and ran faster than he ever had before in his entire life.  The next day, when Fisher and his sons, Dale and Tully, went out to the area where Fisher had seen the Bigfoot, the whole area was evenly trampled down.  Seen from the sky, by the local news helicopter, the Bigfoot had danced an intricate design into Rangdon’s wheat field.

Fisher is now, wholly, convinced that all the other crop circles in the area were caused by the same group of dancing Bigfoot.  Not maybe Crop Circle enthusiasts share his conviction.

1975, Rubyrock Lake, British Columbia Canada,

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Hunter Bill Dweedle while tracking deer around Rubyrock Lake in BC Canada, comes upon what he thinks is a female black bear trapped in a deep rock crevice. Slowly creeping toward the edge of the crevice, Dweedle figures out that the creature nestled down in the rock face is no black bear. Scared, he stops about 25 feet away from the creature, who appears to be sleeping. After keeping the monster in his sight for close to an hour, Dweedle becomes convinced the thing in there is a female Bigfoot. He later says he did not shoot the hairy lass because he could not figure a way to lift the body out of them rocks.

2010, Blackstone Park, Canada

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Hunter Mark Squall and Trapper Jonas Yaak discover deep primate looking tracks in the woods. Determining that the foot impressions were made within a few hours, they decide to follow them. A few hours later, they come upon another hunter’s snare, they find a brutally torn apart deer, devoured by a large beast based on the teeth marks left on bloody bone. Squall and Yaak made some sketches and mapped the footprints, but were unable to make further recordings.