1951, Whitman Lake, Alaska: Fisherman Pelted with Pine Cones


1951, Whitman Lake, Alaska: Fisherman Pelted with Pine Cones

Ross Collins was fishing alone. He had caught many fish, but kept only a few.

Collins was gathering up his tackle, when he noticed a pine cone fall a few feet in front of him. He thought it odd, since the nearest pine tree was pretty far back along the trail he came in on.  But Collins knew sometimes things fall from the sky that have no business being in the air in the first place. So he paid it a little attention.

A few minutes later, as he bent over his tackle, he felt something pelt his back. He jerked upright just as the next pine cone landed on his gear.

For the next few minutes, pine cones rained down on Collins. Many of them landing directly on him, others missing him completely. When the barrage was over, he counted at least 35 pine cones.

When he told his friend about the hail of pine cones and detailed where he had been fishing. His friend informed him that spot was very close to a Bigfoot nest and there had been many, many strange sightings and other weird things happening around that spot.

Collins, not believing in Bigfoot, chalked it up to teenagers being bad kids.

2000, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska: Bigfoot Technology Unearthed


2000, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska: Bigfoot Technology Unearthed

Dr. Armando Redlawn and his archaeological team uncovered strange artifacts while excavating the coast of Mink Island in the Katmai National Park.

The artifacts consisted of a strange musical instrument surrounded by necklaces of semiprecious stones underneath a unusually wide wooden boat. Upon further investigation, Dr. Redlawn became convinced that these artifacts were not of human origin. The age and craftsmanship was unlike any other indigenous people’s crafts.

Dr. Redlawn and his team ran some sensitive scientific tests which determined that the beads were carved with stone tools and the wood used in the boat construction came from hundreds of miles away. Dr. Redlawn theorized that the boat and artifacts were part of the Great Bigfoot Migration. Dr. Redlawn speculates that due to tribal tensions a group of Bigfoot left the California coastal area by boat to slowly move up toward Alaska.

Dr. Redlawn refuses to share anything but the most grainy photographs of his findings with the public. Dr. Redlawn justifies this by claiming that Bigfoot Scholarship is filled with cranks and quacks.

1982, Chena River, Alaska: Hunter Shoots Bigfoot


1982, Chena River, Alaska: Hunter Shoots Bigfoot

Steve “Bucky” Calhoun was hunting goat in the Chena River State Park. It was his third day tracking and waiting, but failing to find a singer goat or other large game animal. The day was overcast and evening as approached, Bucky thought about the long drive home empty handed.

Just as he sat down to further contemplate the Monday morning ridicule from the guys at work, he hear a rustling behind him. Bucky slowly turned around to face the noise. In the growing darkness, he was certain he saw a large creature prowling about. He squinted to get a better look at it. Then he leveled his rifle and trained his sight upon it.

He watched it creep about. It was huge. Over 15 feet tall. Very hairy and with massive paws that torn at the branches around it. Bucky realized he aimed his rifle at a genuine Bigfoot. Shaking slightly, Bucky took the shot.

He heard the bullet crack into a tree. The rustling stopped as a bunch of birds flew from the bushes around the stump. Bucky ran over to the spot he just shot at. It was only upon close investigation that he realized what he was certain was a Bigfoot was a burned tree stump the entire time. Bucky felt stupid, but not stupid enough to keep his misadventure to himself.

1990, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve: Bear and Bigfoot Wrestle


1990, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve: Bear and Bigfoot Wrestle

Ranger Jen Stewart was collecting samples of seeds and plants for her upcoming Junior Ranger program in Elim. When she sees a brown bear in the distance. It is acting very strangely, then it stands on it back paws in an aggressive manner.

That is when Ranger Stewart spies a very large man in a big coat running toward the bear. She starts to yell in horror. She digs her binoculars out of her backpack to better see what is happening.

Once she gets a good bead on the pair, they are locked in an upright wrestling hold. She is so frightened for the man. That is when she realizes the bear is not wrestling a man at all. The other creature looks like nothing she’s ever encountered before. Though it does resemble what she’s always heard Sasquatches look like.

Amazed at the display she watches the pair scuffle. It becomes clear that the bear and the Bigfoot are not fighting to the death, instead playing around. The grunts almost sound like laughs. The exhibition abruptly ends when Ranger Stewart’s radio crackles with static. Both creatures, startled, bolt away in different directions.

When Ranger Stewart reports what she saw, no one is that surprised.

1983, Tongass National Forest, Alaska: Russian Biologist Lures Yeti With Chimp Urine


1983, Tongass National Forest, Alaska: Russian Biologist Lures Yeti With Chimp Urine

Disgraced Soviet Biologist, Schlomer Ulanovsky, managed to obtain funding for his ambitious battery of Yeti Experiments.  Ulanovsky drummed out of the Russian Academy of Sciences for his anti-Darwinian belief that the Bigfoot/Yeti creatures were “the original man created by God and gifted the Earth’s dominion.”

Ulanovsky came to the United States under the patronage of the CIA but was quickly labelled a “inert agent” due to his ceaseless obsession with finding and proving the North American Bigfoots’ existence.  In the middle 1970s, Ulanovksy came to some prominence on local talk shows and was interviewed for IN SEARCH OF…’s Bigfoot episode.  Though his segment was cut out in editing due to his terribly heavy accent, which the producers thought would undermine the authority of the program’s tone.

Ulanovsky’s tireless obsession, finally, paid off when noted Israeli business man, Felix “Bud” Mecham, undertook full patronage of Ulanovsky’s Alaska Project.  Briefly stated, Ulanovsky proposed a series of experiments which would conclusively prove the existence of the North American Bigfoot.  On a scale of absurdity, he proposed setting up an altar based on Talmud proscriptions in order to lure the God fearing creatures into prayer.

Ulanovsky’s most rational idea was to set up a series of motion activated cameras baited with rags soaked in female chimpanzee urine.  For he postulated, that the female chimp was a rare and exotic sexual fetish for the male North American Bigfoot.

After six months with only some plaster castings and a few photos of tree scrapings, Ulanovsky’s experiments were abruptly ended when Mecham was indicted for securities fraud.  Ulanovsky remained undeterred and continued to seek funding until his death in 2001.

1993, Bethel, Alaska: Twin Sisters Are Chased Across the Ice By Hairy Ape Man


1993, Bethel, Alaska: Twin Sisters Are Chased Across the Ice By Hairy Ape Man

Twin sisters, Crystal and Patricia Sosa, were traveling by snowmobile between St. Mary’s and Mt. Village.  It was dusk and the two came from a birthday celebration for their co-worker, Randy Lee Booth.

Crystal was driving since her twin sister, Patricia, was too impaired to drive.  Though the level of impairment remains a matter of some disagreement.

It was Patricia who first saw the shadowy figure racing after them, “It came straight behind us.  Bounding right a long the tracks we left in the snowy mud. At first, I paid little attention to it, thinking it was just some dude.”

“But when the thing started to catch up with us,” Crystal interrupted.

“Can I finish my story?” Patricia snapped.

“Hurry up, then,” Crystal tsk tsked with her tongue, “She always tells the roundabout.”

“I do NOT!”

“What my sister means to say is that, she screamed holy hell, a screech like a trapped wolf,” Crystal said.

“Like a banshee, Mom would say,” Patricia chuckled, “Anyway, as it got closer, I could tell it was another one of those Bigfoot creatures.”

“Mr. Toth has had such a terrible time keeping those monsters out of his chicken house.  They make the most horrible mess of all the waste pails too,” Crystal added matter-of-factually.

“Well, when I screamed, it made Crystal hit the gas and we sped off.  The Bigfoot waved its arms like we were leaving our purses behind, but I could tell it was a trick to get us to stop so it might eat us.”

“Or worse.”

“Or worse,” Patricia agreed.

1987, Barrow, Alaska: Car Attacked By Shadowy Creatures


1987, Barrow, Alaska: Hunter’s Car Attacked By Shadowy Creatures

Tony Sara, an oil rig worker, was hunting on his day off.  While the day was fairly cold, he did manage to bring down several small elk.  He had secured them in the bed of his truck, having recently purchased a meat rack, but neglecting to properly install it.

While he sat in his truck eating his bag lunch and listening to the radio, he claims the truck started to rock back and forth.  At the same time, he heard growls and snorts and all sorts of heavy breathing.  Thinking that a polar bear was outside, Sara grabbed his rifle and started to open the door.

Since all the windows of his cab were steamed up, he could not see outside before cracking the driver’s side door.  That is when he claims to have seen several tall shadowy creatures.  Over ten feet tall and covered in really thick, dark hair but with bare skin patches here and there.

One of the shadow creatures pushed down on the back end of his truck bed, while the other pawed and grabbed at the elk carcases.  Sara yelled at them to stop and step away from the truck.  But the creatures ignored him.  Once they had grabbed the elk, they bolted off together, toward the ocean.

Sara attempted to give chase in his truck, but both his back tires were blown out from the creature’s attack.

2011, Ketchikan Alaska, Logging Road Pole Valut

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Hiker and amateur videographer, Rick Putua, captures a large Bigfoot looking creature roaming through the woods off a logging road in Ketchikan Alaska. Out shooting footage of birds for his YouTube channel, Birds0fthe99950, Putua hears a rumbling and branches breaking on the other side of a small creek. He races after the sounds and manages to capture several views of a dark bodied, light hair creature with highlights in its mane. The Bigfoot sees Putua and makes several inhuman leaps away. One of the marvelous leaps pole vaults the creature over 25 feet into the air to land, perfectly on the other side of the creek. At which point, Putua loses sight of the fast moving creature.