1935, Mount San Jacinto State Park, California: Bigfoot Steals Picnic Basket


1935, Mount San Jacinto State Park, California: Bigfoot Steals Picnic Basket

While on a day trip picnic with his sweetie, Peter Smith and Dolly James, experienced a horrifying and unforgettable encounter.

Just as Peter uncorked the bottle of wine, a large hairy man leaped from the bushes. The man was completely covered in filthy dark hair, had the facial features of an ape, and smelled like raw sewage. The wild man waved his massive arms up and down and screamed a terrible, high pitched scream.

Peter and Dolly jumped up and ran down toward their automobile. When they returned a half an hour later, the couples picnic basket was gone and the rest of their belongings were strewn all over.

Years later, when telling the story, Dolly was informed that she had seen a Bigfoot. She just clucked and said, “I don’t know about all that.”

1936, Gila Cliff Dwellings, New Mexico: Man Claims Communication with Bigfoot


1936, Gila Cliff Dwellings, New Mexico: Man Claims Communication with Bigfoot

Dr. Gordon Bannon began a series of audio experiments in the Cliff Dwellings on this day. Dr. Bannon claims that he heard and recorded 17 different Bigfoot cries from within the cave. Without the use of any audio recording equipment, Dr. Bannon parroted the noises he claimed to have heard.

He published several papers theorizing that a tribe of Bigfoot still lived within the Cliffs. He held weekend seminars that became infamous because Dr. Bannon would hoot and coo and wave his arms about while demonstrating the various types of Bigfoot calls. Eventually, Dr. Bannon became something of a laughing stock and could not walk down the public street without children mocking him and housewives casting aspersions.

Dr. Bannon never recanted and died while working on an oral history of the Cliff Tribes.

1938, Deadwood, Ohio: Miner’s Wife Chased Down The Hill


1938, Deadwood, Ohio: Miner’s Wife Chased Down The Hill

Mildred Sabell went looking for her husband, John Sabell, who had not come home after his shift. Mildred suspected that Mr. Sabell was drinking at the Social Hall up the hill from their house. Mildred climbed the hill, muttering a combination of Slovak curses and English prayers.

Just as Mildred got to the bend in the road, she was startled. Standing on the side of the road, cloaked in the shadows of the trees, was a monstrous figure. As she started to say something, the creature stood to its full height of 15 or 20 feet. Its head the size of a car hood. It smelled like a septic and rubbish.

It growled at Mildred, who jumped up and screamed all at once. Before any of the men in the social hall heard her cries, she turned and started to run down the hill. She was in tears as she heard the massive fleshy slaps of the creatures bare feet hitting the road.

Mildred ran faster when she caught a glimpse of her porch light in the distance. She, also, thought she heard the drunken yelling of the men behind her. But it was hard to tell over the heavy breathing hooting that the monster chasing. Mildred raced through the backyard, ducking under the laundry lines, and into the house. The monster, not knowing about the laundry lines, howled and hollered as it got tangled up. It pulled one of the stakes out of the ground and dragged it off with it as it ran back into the woods.

When John Sabell got home seconds later, he was laughing and out of breath. To this day, Mildred’s Race with Bigfoot is a matter of conjecture. Some say she was the victim of a cruel prank by some of the town’s men, while others claim she barely survived a dangerous encounter with a Bigfoot!

1935, Michaux Forest, Pennsylvania: Man Sees Bigfoot Playing


1935, Michaux Forest, Pennsylvania: Man Sees Bigfoot Playing

Todd McHaffie was hiking in Michaux forest when he heard strange animal noises. The sounds were strange. McHaffie never heard anything like them before. They were sort of like the sound two cats make as they scuffle. But not at all like that too.

McHaffie’s curiosity got the better of him. He crept slowly toward the noises. He ended up crawling on his belly when he got close enough. Finally, he was able to see the commotion.

“There were two Bigfoot. One was taller than the other, but they were both over 8 feet tall. They might have been young Bigfoot. Since they seemed to be taking a lot of pleasure in their game. It was a cruel game where they were tossing a mole back and forth. The mole did not seemed hurt by this rough house play. But it was high annoyed.”

McHaffie must have made a noise, because suddenly the two Bigfoot dropped the poor mole and ran off into the forest. The dazed mole sat for a moment then shook itself before returning the the earth.

“Weirdest thing I ever saw,” McHaffie said shaking his head.

1932, Navajo Nation, Utah: Bigfoot Chased by Hail of Bullets


1932, Navajo Nation, Utah: Bigfoot Chased by Hail of Bullets

At dusk an alarm rang out in the town, what today is Monument Valley, that there was a monster loose.

Quickly, an armed group of men were mobilized and running in the direction of the sighting.  A few pick up trucks followed.  The woman who saw the creature stood, shaking, pointing to the outcropping of rocks.  The men crept into range.  The leader, Jack Doli, called out for the creature to come out.

The response came in the form of a blood curdling scream and then a volley of rocks.  Doli gave the order to fire.  The creature’s hiding place was riddled with a hail of shotgun buckshot and pistol bullets.

As everyone paused to reload, they heard terrible sounds.  It was determined that the hiding monster was wounded and possibly incapacitated.   The posse approached the rocks, they only found some blood splatters and large footprints that lead off into the mesquite.

1930, Buffalo National River, Arkansas, Bigfoot Stomps Out Tramp Camp Fire


1930, Buffalo National River, Arkansas, Bigfoot Stomps Out Tramp Camp Fire

Hobos, Washington Moran and Delancy Charles, pitched a temporary camp along Arkansas’ Buffalo river. They were on their way West, hoping to land in San Francisco by the end of summer. Following the grapes, as they said.

As night fell, Washington Moran lit a fire. Meanwhile, Delancy Charles filled tin cans with small fish in prepreation for making a shoe sole soup.

Just as the two men were adding the final sandstone pebbles to their tin can cookery, a loud growling came from the bushes over there. Just as Washington Moran was about to do something about that and Delancy Charles was all ready to encourage him to do it, a monster attacked them.

Pouncing out of the shrubbery, a large hairy beast over 9 feet tall and arms that dragged behind it made its way toward the campsite. Washington Moran fell over, playing dead like an armadillo. While Delancy Charles just sat there, a bump on a log, slackjaw and wide saucer eyes, staring.

The monster had 18 or 20 inch feet. A real live Bigfoot. The creature pushed past the two hobos. Kicked the tin cans into the air, spilling out the guppy soup. Then with leathery stomps, patted out the flames of the hobo fire. Once the ashes and embers were totally extinguished, the Bigfoot roared. Its breath was foul like onions and rotten cabbage.

Washington Moran and Delancy Charles could not agree as to which way the monster moved off.