1883, Smoky Bear, New Mexico: Werewolf Billy the Kid Fights Bigfoot


1883, Smoky Bear, New Mexico: Werewolf Billy the Kid Fights Bigfoot

Two years after the supposed killing of Billy the Kid by Sheriff Pat Garrett at Pete Maxwell’s, the good Christians near Smoky Bear, New Mexico reported seeing a terrible wolf monster killing livestock and terrorizing small children.

A posse was called up and the group spent several long nights patrolling the area with no sign nor signal of any monster or rustler.

Then on the night of September 19, a group under the leadership of Col. John Williams Jasper came across a truly disturbing scene. The group of five men, rounded a bend in the road to find a man with a wolf’s head locked in mortal combat with a large hairy ape man.

At first the group thought it had to be a joke played by a visiting theater troupe or maybe some mischievous teenagers. But when they saw the gore start to fly through the air and heard the painful howls of both creatures, the men could not mistake the fight as real and true.

The ape creature prevailed, finally gutting and lopping off the head of the wolfman. It screamed in victory then slowly lumbered off into the darkness to lick its own substantial wounds.

When the men went to examine the body of the wolfman, they were horrified to discover the man was dressed just like the dead man Billy the Kid. Uncertain what to do, Col. Jasper ordered the body to be burned and swore the men to secrecy.

Whatever those men saw that night, surely disturbed them. But the wolf creature killings suddenly stopped.

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