1993, Tumwater, Washington: Boy Goes Missing From Campsite


1993, Tumwater, Washington: Boy Goes Missing From Campsite

John and Holly Sandstrom had planned for 8 months to take their 11 year old son Paul camping in the Cascades. The family enjoyed nearly a week of swimming, hiking, and canoeing.

On their fourth night there, Holly was awakened by a loud noise outside their tent. She heard rustling, like someone was trying to commando crawl through the bushes, followed by heavy grunting breathing. Fearing for the safety of her family, she woke up her husband. But by the time he sat up, Holly no longer heard the noises outside.

The fifth night, Holly insisted on staying in Paul’s tent, much to his chagrin. The night passed without incident.

The final night the family was scheduled to camp, Holly agreed she would let Paul sleep alone in his own tent. The next morning, Holly and John woke up to find that Paul, his tent, and almost all his clothes were gone. Disappeared.

The Sandstrom family continues to look for their son. Though Holly is convinced Paul was taken by a mountain creature of some sort, probably a Bigfoot. John has not ruled out his wife as the culprit. She never really liked the boy.

2011, Priest Lake State Park, Idaho: Family Sees Bigfoot in Rear View Mirror


2011, Priest Lake State Park, Idaho: Family Sees Bigfoot in Rear View Mirror

The Singh family was on its way home from a vacation around Priest Lake State Park. As the car sped along the two lane road, little Veronica Singh yelled. She claimed to have seen a Bear Man on the side of the road.

Everyone in the car turned around to look, except Nip Singh who was driving. Nip looked in the rear view mirror.

Sure enough, about 100 yards behind the family’s SUV was a 12 to 14 foot Bigfoot standing in the middle of the road. Jamie Singh begged his father to stop the car so they could try and get a better look, but his mother Jenny Singh told her husband that he better not stop.

The car actually sped up and the Bigfoot got smaller and smaller as the family drove farther away.

1967, Scapegoat Mountain, Montana: Bigfoot’s Glowing Orbs Observed


1967, Scapegoat Mountain, Montana: Bigfoot’s Glowing Orbs Observed

Andrew Spikro was camping in the area around Scapegoat Mountain. He had just put down the book he was reading in his tent and turned down his battery operated lantern. Just as the dark filled the tent, Spikro saw five or six glowing orbs outside his tent.

He sat up to get a better look. The orbs were about the size of softballs. And that moved in semi-circles up and down around his tent.

Spikro could only guess how bright they actually were, since they were clearly defined through the dark fabric of his tent. As the orbs moved around the campsite, he heard grunting and snorting. Spikro claims these noises were clearly communication to several creatures.

The orbs and noise of campsite rummaging went on for a quarter hour. Then once the orbs were gone, Spikro went out to investigate his campsite. He found about 50 to 70 Bigfoot prints in the dirt around his tent.

Over the years, Spikro has been unable to get a satisfactory answer as to what those Bigfoot Glowing Orbs were or why they were there.

1986, Masardis, Maine: Burt Poland’s Great Grandson Reveals Note


1986, Masardis, Maine: Burt Poland’s Great Grandson Reveals Note

On August 8, 1897, six year old Lillian Carney wandered into the woods near her home in Masardis, Maine. She was missing for 48 hours. A man who lived near her, Burt Poland found her almost 3 miles from her house.

In 1986, Burt Poland’s great-grandson, John Poland shared a handwritten note that his grandfather wrote the night after he found little Lillian.

In the note, Burt claims that when he found little Lillian, she was wearing a cape of fur and a crown of flowers. She was slightly dazed, but kept repeating that she wanted to stay with her friends because they thought she was a princess. Burt said that Lillian kept talking about the “lights in their eyes.” When he asked Lillian about that she said, the “hairy people had sunlight in their eyes.”

According to John, Burt spent the rest of his days wandering those woods at night searching high and low for the hairy people. Burt was convinced they were a tribe of Bigfoot and was intent on proving it.


2003, US-26, Rhododendron, Oregon: Drivers See Several Bigfoot Crossing Road


2003, US-26, Rhododendron, Oregon: Drivers See Several Bigfoot Crossing Road

Chris Tomlin and Dave Cambodia were driving along US-26, about 1000 feet from Belle Lake Road, Tomlin slammed on the breaks. Cambodia, not wearing his safety belt, hit the dash and dropped his phone.

Tomlin, usually loud and talkative, simply huffed and pointed at the windshield. Cambodia looked up and saw three Bigfoot standing in the middle of the road.

The Bigfoot were slowly walking across the road. The last one in line, also the largest, over 14 feet tall according to Tomlin, was scratching its rear end.

Cambodia claims he saw more Bigfoot off to the side of the road, waiting for the others in the trees. But Tomlin was too focused on watching the trio pad across the asphalt.

Once the Bigfoot were off the road, Tomlin swears that the largest one waved at them a taunting gesture. Cambodia, though, could not verify this, but agrees it probably happened.

1964, Fife Creek Valley, California: Scientist sees Bigfoot Tangled in Tinsel


1964, Fife Creek Valley, California: Scientist sees Bigfoot Tangled in Tinsel

Dr. T. Charles Loretta was hiking in the Fife Creek Valley collecting samples of Ramalina menziesii. Dr. Loretta hoped to make the Lace Lichen so popular that one day it would be made the state lichen.

As Dr. Loretta set up to take a series of photographs of a cluster of lichen he discovered, he heard branches cracking along the hill above him. Then the doctor heard a heavy shuffling like someone was dragging a duffle bag.

 Dr. Loretta saw a big figure lumbering along the ridge. He seemed to sparkle in the sunlight breaking through the redwood canopy. As he focused on the sparkling, he determined that the creature had Christmas tree tinsel matted or struck it its hair.

He postulated that the Bigfoot must have tangled with the wrong garbage pile and somehow came in contact with a pile of discarded Christmas trees. Or, more unlikely, the Bigfoot put the tinsel there itself as a style statement, but that would defeat any camouflage effect the creature naturally developed.

While Dr. Loretta did not get any photos of the Bigfoot, he did get several usable shots of the lichen.