2014, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas: Hikers See Bigfoot Tower


2014, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas: Hikers See Bigfoot Tower

Joe and Don Pierce were hiking the Devil’s Hall Trail in the Guadalupe Mountains when they were stopped dead in their tracks. About 500 yards from where they stopped they saw something they still don’t believe they saw.

There were three Bigfoot building a wooden tower. Or a sort of tower. One Bigfoot was sitting on the shoulders of another Bigfoot while the third Bigfoot was passing them up large tree trunks. It was clear to the Pierce Brothers that these Bigfoot were organized and had built something like this before.

The brothers watched for a while before the Bigfoot on top saw them. It made a strange clicking growl and they three Bigfoot sprinted away.

Joe and Don took several pictures of the tower with their phones but the images where lost when the phones were destroyed later on their vacation.

One thought on “2014, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas: Hikers See Bigfoot Tower

  1. So literally today my husband and I are watching The Bigfoot Alien Connection AND something that was said especially about NM, we reside in hobbs and see odd objects flying over heavily all summer and even mid winter on very clear nights. I am an avid hiker and had a startling experience I would have to double check the date but i’m certain it was January 2018 and it was very cold that day. I was hiking Devil’s Hall trail alone, it was my 2nd hike by myself and I figured since it was a short one it was no big deal. I was so close to the actual devil’s hall area where you see the stone on the cliff walls change as you approach the more scenic part of the hike. I noticed that small rocks and dirt were falling at the edge of the cliffs above. I thought maybe it’s a dear but then every 20 seconds or so I would see it again on my right side as if we were walking along side each other (me on the trail below and one being up high on the cliffs edge). I would literally and exactly describe as the way the sand and rock fell from the edge was like someone’s foot was heavy and on the edge of the cliff looking down. When in the show we’re watching today (may 30th 2020 9:30am) it said that sometimes you smell them or feel them watching you. After the first sand fall I just figured it was wind or an animal, but then I thought about it and noticed that the air was pretty still that day (which is odd for this NM, TX desert area especially in winter). After the 2nd time I had my gun ready I was so determined to finish this hike because I knew I was close to being finished but the fear was growing inside me. After the 3rd time I paused and I may have waited for a 4th but I quickly turned back I couldn’t handle the fear any longer, I’m literally getting chills thinking about it. I sometimes would tease myself thinking it was a skin walker during the day watching me but when I heard in the show you feel that heavy feeling of being watched, I am now curious could it have been a big foot and are there any other reports like mine? I know there are in fact ancient native American markings inside slaughter canyon cave I believe they said pueblo which is about 30 to 45 minutes from devils hall trail and I have hiked slaughter canyon with a friend and I did feel uneasy during that hike but I didn’t pay much mind because I wasn’t alone I just figure I was being alert since there is more brush and canyons that mountain lions can hide so was being cautious.

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