1980, Monroe Lake, Indiana: Boater Sees Bigfoot


1980, Monroe Lake, Indiana: Boater Sees Bigfoot

Tim Aptney and Dan Scoots were boating on Lake Monroe in the early afternoon. The day was overcast and there were not many people around for the time of day.

Scoots was surprised when he saw a huge figure on the shore’s embankment. He pointed the large beast out to Aptney, who told him to leave it alone. Most likely kids fooling around. By Scoots started yelling and waving and trying to get the large figure’s attention.

When the figure turned to look toward the boat, both men were shocked by the face of the figure. It was clearly an ape-like monster. A Bigfoot for sure. It was hairy and clung to some outgrowth with massive hands. It howled at the boaters. Scoots expressed his dismay, while Aptney turned on the engine and tried to steer the boat toward the opposite direction.

The creature hooted and hollered for sometime after the boat was well out of sight of it. Both men agreed never to talk about the experience, but Scoots immediately told everyone he knew. Aptney when pressed would confirm the story’s truth.

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