2000, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska: Bigfoot Technology Unearthed


2000, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska: Bigfoot Technology Unearthed

Dr. Armando Redlawn and his archaeological team uncovered strange artifacts while excavating the coast of Mink Island in the Katmai National Park.

The artifacts consisted of a strange musical instrument surrounded by necklaces of semiprecious stones underneath a unusually wide wooden boat. Upon further investigation, Dr. Redlawn became convinced that these artifacts were not of human origin. The age and craftsmanship was unlike any other indigenous people’s crafts.

Dr. Redlawn and his team ran some sensitive scientific tests which determined that the beads were carved with stone tools and the wood used in the boat construction came from hundreds of miles away. Dr. Redlawn theorized that the boat and artifacts were part of the Great Bigfoot Migration. Dr. Redlawn speculates that due to tribal tensions a group of Bigfoot left the California coastal area by boat to slowly move up toward Alaska.

Dr. Redlawn refuses to share anything but the most grainy photographs of his findings with the public. Dr. Redlawn justifies this by claiming that Bigfoot Scholarship is filled with cranks and quacks.

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