1962, Devil Tack Lake, Minnesota: Woman Sees Bigfoot Eyes Staring at Her


1962, Devil Tack Lake, Minnesota: Woman Sees Bigfoot Eyes Staring at Her

Joanna Gilmore awoke around 3 AM. She left the tent she shared with her sister Joanie. She was on her way to the outhouse, when something caught her attention in the trees.

At first Joanna thought it was the wind. But then she was convinced she saw a man or monkey jump between branches. She froze where she was and stared as hard as she could into the black night sky. She scanned the inner darkness of the trees. Suddenly, two red glowing eyes blinked open. They stared right at her.

Joanna screamed a little scream and jumped back. She could not take her eyes off the glowing orbs high among the branches. The two were locked together until a small squirrel or other woodland creature made a scurrying sound and the eyes in the trees flicked to spy on the motion.

Joanna, free of the stare of the creature, turned and ran back to her tent. The next morning she returned to the trees where she saw the eyes and found Bigfoot prints all around the tree trunks. Joanna realized that the Bigfoot was not IN the trees, but just nearly as tall as them which gave that impression.

When Joanna told her parents of the encounter, they assured her it was probably an owl. Though she remained dubious of that explanation.

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