1988, Toomey Williams Road, Minnesota: Bigfoot Trail Found


1988, Toomey Williams Road, Minnesota: Bigfoot Trail Found

Russell Butler visited Pine Island, Minnesota while home for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Butler walked off Toomey Williams Road to relieve himself. While standing there, he noticed that the ground a few feet away looked padded down.

Butler took a closer look at the ground to discover that it appeared to be a trail. Curious, Butler followed the trail. At one point he thought he lost it, but then saw some scratches on a nearby tree that marked the way.  The markings were crudely carved into the bark by a rock or other stone implement.

About 45 minutes later, Butler’s fears were realized. He came to a part of the trail were the ground was clearly marked with large foot prints. He immediately recognized these as Bigfoot imprints. Butler started to notice that there the trees were shaking and strange noises were all around. Gripped with fear, he high tailed it back to the road.

Butler remains convinced that he was followed out of the woods by several large Bigfoot that day. If he had continued to follow the trail, he is sure they would have attacked him.

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