1987, Quinault River, Washington: Water Truck Driver Sees Bigfoot


1987, Quinault River, Washington: Water Truck Driver Sees Bigfoot

Jason Minette, a water truck driver for the City of Quinault, pulled off the road to refill his tanks. Minette’s graveyard shift mainly had him hosing down public areas and watering trees in parks. Minette had just gotten the tank’s hose into the water, when he got a really creepy feeling someone was watching him.

Minette flicked on the searchlight on the passengers’ side of the truck. He swung it around the back of the river and up the road ahead. It was nearly 3:30 AM, which meant that most likely no one was around and Minette was just being silly. But as he swung the light across the river, he caught a glimpse of something dart out of the light.

Minette trained the spotlight on the area and did a more through scan. He caught a hulking black form in the trees. Just as the light toughed it, the mass jolted away. Minette was unable to get the light square on the form.

Then the splashes started. Someone or something was throwing rocks at him. He managed to catch a good look at the creature as it stood up to toss a large rock at him from the opposite bank. It was a Bigfoot, alright. Dirty black and brown hair, huge shoulders, and a rippling muscles.

Minette laughed at the rocks as they fell short of the bank and his truck. He hooted across the river, which seemed to only make the Bigfoot madder. Several more rocks splashed in the river, before the Bigfoot bolted off into the woods.

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