1983, Jefferson National Forest, Virginia: Man Sees Bigfoot 3 Times


1983, Jefferson National Forest, Virginia: Man Sees Bigfoot 3 Times

Timothy Jones was driving through the Jefferson National Forest when he saw a dark figure lurking near the side of the road. He slammed on the breaks and pulled over. Jones thought the man needed help. But when he jumped out of his truck the man was gone.

Jones called out but there was no response. So he got back into his truck and headed down the road. About a half mile later, Jones sees the dark figure again. He gets a better look. He notices that the man is less a man and more a Bigfoot.

Again, Jones slams on the breaks. This time, he throws the truck in reverse, instead of jumping out. But just as he reached the spot where the creature stood, it was gone. Jones got out of the truck slowly. He saw the huge feet impressions left by the monster, which convinced him that what he saw was, in truth, a bigfoot.

Jones shook his head and thought to himself that no one was going to believe this. Just as he laughed at himself, he had to swerve the truck in order not to ram the big hairy Bigfoot that ran across the road in front of him. The brakes squealed and the truck fishtailed as Jones brought it to a stop.

All he saw of the Bigfoot after that was swaying branches from where the Bigfoot dove back into the dense forest on the opposite side of the road.

Jones was right, none of his friends believed that he saw a Bigfoot three times in one night!

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