1966, Oroville Dam, California: Bulldozer Operator Uncovers Evidence


1966, Oroville Dam, California: Bulldozer Operator Uncovers Evidence

Construction worker, Dan Lightman, was operating the bulldozer pushing debris away from tunnel entrance on the Oroville Dam project. It was near quitting time, when Lightman noticed something odd in the pile of evacuated rock. He let the bulldozer idle as he jumped from the cab to investigate.

Lightman climbed into the rubble, kicking up dust, he managed to dig out what he thought he saw. It was a long footprint fossil. Over 18 inches long and clearly primate. He called out for the other guys to come and look at it. Most of them were pretty impressed and the foreman suggested that Lightman give him the fossil for safe keeping.

After quitting time, Lightman tracked down the foreman and asked for his discovery back. But the foreman told Lightman that he had no claim to the fossil, since this was a state project, anything found belonged to the contractor who was obligated to turn it over to the state. When Lightman protested, he was fired on the spot.

Lightman filed a grievance with the union, but nothing came of it. Nor did Lightman ever see the Bigfoot fossil again. Some suspect it was destroyed to hide the fact that the Oroville Dam is built over a Bigfoot graveyard.

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