1981, Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana: Man Finds Bigfoot Prints


1981, Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana: Man Finds Bigfoot Prints

Robert Hatfull stopped to refuel his Yamaha ATV. As he kicked at some mud on the vehicle’s back tire, he noticed that some small rocks got into his shoe. He hopped over to a fallen tree, since it was in the shade, to unlace his shoe and dump out the pebbles.

As he unlaced his shoe, Hatfull saw something he never in his life imagined that he would see for himself. Hatefull, like most Americans, was familiar with the legends and supposed evidence of Bigfoot. The plaster casts and the grainy film footage.  But right there in front of him was a large, deep footprint.

It was huge. At least 16 or 20 inches long, about 3 inches deep, and clearly was made by a creature more ape than human. For one thing the size, then there was the strange placement of the toes. Hatfull wished he brought his new camera with him, but he feared he might damage it, if the ATV crashed.

Hatefull did make a small sketch of the footprint on a business card he found in his wallet. But when he presented it as evidence of his find, most people dismissed his scribble as silly, since it was so small. To this day, Hatfull returns to the area where he found the impression, scouring the ground for another.


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