1977, Tahoe City, California: Woman Nearly Runs Over Bigfoot


1977, Tahoe City, California: Woman Nearly Runs Over Bigfoot

Mildred Casey often drove herself home from parties at her friend’s Lake Tahoe cabin near Tahoe City, California. On this particular night, she is certain that she was not drunk. She clearly recalls that she did not drink any of her beloved burbon since she was taking an antibiotic for a foot infection.

Mildred steered her Lincoln Continental slowly around the winding road leading back down through the woods. As she navigated a particularly sharp bend in the road, she was forced to suddenly swerve to her right. Her car barreled up the slight hill, kicking up dust and dirt and twigs.

She slammed on the brakes and the engine stalled. Once Mildred gathered her wits about her, she creaked open the car door to see if everyone was okay. Mildred swerved to avoid hitting a man standing in the middle of the road.

But when Mildred looked over the roof of her car, she discovered that the figure in the road was no man at all. In fact, it was not human in anyway!

Mildred found herself eye to eye with a large female Bigfoot. It appeared slightly dazed. Its eyes unfocused and blurry. The creatures brown hair was greasy and matted. It stooped over and seemed unable to stand straight up. Feeling immediate sympathy for the creature, Mildred called out asking if it needed help.

The Bigfoot snapped out of its daze, stared at the car before making eye contact again with Mildred. She swears to this day the creature shook its head, no, then quickly jumped off the pavement. Mildred heard it rustle through the trees as it made its way off into the night.

Mildred often worries about that monster. She really hopes everything was okay that night she almost ran over a Bigfoot.

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