1997, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania: Boys Bigfoot Call Answered


1997, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania: Boys Bigfoot Call Answered

Bryce Willis and Gabe Dieter were hiking in the Pocono Mountains. The two high school students planned this hike as their last summer adventure before started the following week.

Gabe was an avid fan of local legends and the cryptids of the Poconos, while Bryce was a nonbeliever who often teased Gabe about it. Bryce suggested that as the sun went down the two try to contact any Bigfoot that may be around. After some persuading, Gabe agreed to some tree knocking and Bigfoot calling.

Bryce hooted and hooted and hooted in a manner that Gabe found potentially offensive to the Bigfoot. When Gabe tried to get Bryce to stop using that particular holler. This delighted Bryce who increased the volume and sing-songy nature of the holler.

Gabe started to shout at Bryce, begging him to stop teasing the Bigfoot. Just as Bryce broke down into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, the forest seemed to part like a curtain. Bounding toward the boy’s encampment was a huge gray and brown Bigfoot. It was swinging its arms, its teeth bared, and growling a menacing growl.

Dumbfounded the boys were unable to run any faster away from the beast. The Bigfoot chased them for nearly half a mile before disappearing back into the woods. Gabe and Bryce never told anyone about their encounter until years later. Bryce remained convinced that Gabe at set the whole thing up as a stunt to scare Bryce. Gabe neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

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