1966, Baseline Road, San Bernadido, California: Teen Girls Menaced by Bigfoot


1966, Baseline Road, San Bernadido, California: Teen Girls Menaced by Bigfoot

Annie Meeks, 15, and her friend, Brenda Washburn, 14, were walking aimlessly around the undeveloped area along Base Line Road. They spent most of the summer slowly meandering up one side, then down the others side of the dead end road.

Often they ran into other teenagers. Sometimes there might be an impromptu beer party. Other  times, everyone just sat on tree stumps and swatted the mosquitoes, just hanging out.

This particular afternoon felt off, in a strange way. Kinda like how it felt inside the house before a big thunderstorm. Annie had just noticed a Robin Red Breast flying along neck to neck with two Blue Birds. Just as she was about to mention it to Brenda, Annie felt a strong jerk on her arm.

Annie noticed that there was a massive hand, three or four times stronger than the strongest football player she knew of, Burt Gibbode. Annie was disgusted by the hairy paw like feel of the hand, as well as its excessive moisture. The skin had the same texture of a dishrag.

Brenda started to scream when she heard Annie squeal in pain. Annie screamed in fear when she saw that the hand belonged to a Bigfoot. Over 10 feet tall and soaking wet, its platinum blonde fur, and smelled like moth balls and used kitty litter.

The girls’ screaming must have startled the monster because its eyes got every big and then it let out a little squeak of displeasure before letting go of Annie and running into the woods.

The girls sprinted all the wall to the local police station where their story was dismissed as a prank devised by the girls in a moment of summer reading boredom.

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