2002, Ricketson Bay area, Georgia: Police Officer Encounter


2002, Ricketson Bay area, Georgia: Police Officer Encounter

Officer Chris Murray set up a speed trap along GA-64 just along Ricketson Bay. He had nabbed a few speeders, but the traffic was actually really light for the day after the Fourth of July.

Officer Murray looked at the clock, only an hour left to his shift. He figured he would head back to the station in about ten minutes. That is when his cruiser started bouncing. His police car was in park and idling, so the car was not causing this bouncing. Officer Murray checked his rear view mirror. To his sudden horror he saw a huge muscular and very hairy Bigfoot pushing down on the trunk of the cruiser.

The monster’s beady red eyes burrowed right into Officer Murray’s soul. When the Bigfoot raised its right arm to swipe at the back window, Officer Murray threw his car into drive and sped off into the road. He took off at top speed. He did not look back nor did he turn on his sirens.

Officer Chris Murray reported that a large raccoon fell on his trunk while he was sitting in his speed trap. He knew if he mentioned the Bigfoot attack, he would be put on permanent desk duty and have to talk to the Union shrink like that time he said he saw the UFO. But this time was different. Real different.

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