1980, Tiger Mountain RV Park, Washington: L. Ron Hubbard Meets A Bigfoot


1980, Tiger Mountain RV Park, Washington: L. Ron Hubbard Meets A Bigfoot

While L. Ron Hubbard was in hiding and traveling around the Pacific Northwest with Pat and Anne Broeker, he told Pat the following story:

“Pat. I was sitting outside having a cigarette. I suddenly got an urge, an invitation, to walk into the woods. I must have walked for miles and miles. I felt no fatigue nor did I sweat, even though the afternoon was hot. I was being pulled along. Led by some terrific mental force compelling me to walker faster. The invitation was urgent and growing more so.”

“Eventually, I ended up in a large clearing. All the trees had been cut down forming a perfect circle. In the middle of the circle was a throne of sorts. A crude throne made by branches woven together. Clear primitive tech.”

“Sitting on this woodland throne was the hairiest ape man I could imagine. He had massive appendages. His hands could crush the largest Mexican wrestler’s rib cage between its thumbs. It introduced itself to me as T’Heior’Dor the King of the Bigfoot.”

“We talked for many hours. He told me that the Bigfoot have been the rulers of the Americas for billions of years. They were pleased with my work, though, they were surprised that humans could comprehend the truth. Bigfoot had evolved beyond tech, born CTC (cleared theta clear).”

“Pat. The Bigfoot King revealed to me exciting new levels. I must devote the rest of my life to recording this exciting and troubling new OT levels!”

Pat Broeker only released this story a few years ago during an interview with Rene.

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