1971, Salt Fork State Park, Ohio: Bigfoot Migration Witnessed


1971, Salt Fork State Park, Ohio: Bigfoot Migration Witnessed

Dr. James Nigel and Dr. Gregory Oscar were setting up an experiment on seed growth in the Salt Fork State Park. It was the second day they were there, just calibrating the measurements. They had stopped to eat their brown bag lunches.

Dr. Nigel noticed the noises before Dr. Oscar, since Oscar is slightly deaf, even though he refused to admit it. Dr. Nigel stood up and pointed to the top of a ridge. Dr. Oscar practically spit out the bite of peanut butter and cheese sandwich he was chewing.

Marching along the top of a ridge about a mile or so from their spot, was a line of six to eight Bigfoot. At first, the two thought the figures were human, but quickly deduced by the breadth of the gait, the long massive arms, and the slight spinal curvature that there was little likelihood the figures they saw where completely human.

Dr. Oscar had claimed for years that he had contact with a Bigfoot when he first moved to the area. Everyone at the University figured it was just a tall tale to entertain the interns, but now, Dr. Nigel was there with him. No one would doubt Nigel’s word!

The two watched in awe as the creatures moved across the ridge in a clear migratory pattern. Each year since, Dr. Nigel and Oscar have organized a Bigfoot watch, hoping to recapture the magic of their first sighting. But some have postulated that the migration is not a yearly occurrence and it may be decades before the Bigfoot pass by again.

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