1993, Vinton Furnace, Ohio: Woman Saves Diabetic Bigfoot


1993, Vinton Furnace, Ohio: Woman Saves Diabetic Bigfoot

Claudia Snodgrass celebrated getting a nursing job at Doctor’s Hospital in Nelsonville, Ohio, by treating herself to a long hike in the Vinton Furnace Experimental Forest. It was her favorite place in the world.

About an hour into her hike, Snodgrass heard whimpering coming from below her trail. Snodgrass said it sounded like a dog or other domesticated animal. She slid down the slight ravine, kicking up a lot of dust and making a lot of noise. When she got to the bottom, there was a small creek gurgling along at a leisurely pace.

She listened carefully, then headed in the direction of the crying. She stopped short, gave out a little gasp, and steadied herself when she saw that the source of the whimpering was a Bigfoot. It was slumped against a fallen tree, its massive hands shaking as they pushed against its hairy temples. The creature was clearly in a state of shock.

Snodgrass held up her hands and cooed softly as she approached the monster. Snodgrass recognized all the visible symptoms of low blood sugar of a diabetic. Digging into her backpack she found a power bar which she unwrapped and offered the Bigfoot.

Gently the creature took it from her and devoured it quickly. Snodgrass sat with the Bigfoot until it began to show signs of recovery, then she waved goodbye and climbed back up to the trail. The Bigfoot howled in thanks.

To this day, Snodgrass does not consider herself a hero nor a humanitarian.

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