1982, Chena River, Alaska: Hunter Shoots Bigfoot


1982, Chena River, Alaska: Hunter Shoots Bigfoot

Steve “Bucky” Calhoun was hunting goat in the Chena River State Park. It was his third day tracking and waiting, but failing to find a singer goat or other large game animal. The day was overcast and evening as approached, Bucky thought about the long drive home empty handed.

Just as he sat down to further contemplate the Monday morning ridicule from the guys at work, he hear a rustling behind him. Bucky slowly turned around to face the noise. In the growing darkness, he was certain he saw a large creature prowling about. He squinted to get a better look at it. Then he leveled his rifle and trained his sight upon it.

He watched it creep about. It was huge. Over 15 feet tall. Very hairy and with massive paws that torn at the branches around it. Bucky realized he aimed his rifle at a genuine Bigfoot. Shaking slightly, Bucky took the shot.

He heard the bullet crack into a tree. The rustling stopped as a bunch of birds flew from the bushes around the stump. Bucky ran over to the spot he just shot at. It was only upon close investigation that he realized what he was certain was a Bigfoot was a burned tree stump the entire time. Bucky felt stupid, but not stupid enough to keep his misadventure to himself.

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