1983, Wayne National Forest, Ohio: Woman Waves at Bigfoot


1983, Wayne National Forest, Ohio: Woman Waves at Bigfoot

Janice Maynard was hiking along the Hocking River in the Wayne National Forest.  Hours before Maynard finished her last midterm for the semester and to celebrate she took her dog, Ginger, on a hike. This particular route was very familiar to both Maynard and her dog, since they often hiked this way on weekends.

It was nearly dusk when Ginger started to act strangely. At first, Maynard thought Ginger was reacting to a small woodland creature. But Ginger’s growl was odd, since if she had spied a squirrel or other small rodent, the dog would bark and charge off into the thicket. Instead, Ginger stood at pert attention, the hair on her back stiff.

Maynard called out the usual commands to get Ginger’s attention. None of them worked. Instead Maynard heard a low growling coming from her dog. Something had that dog spooked.

That is when Maynard looked over toward where Ginger’s focus was most centered. Maynard saw the bushes move. Then a huge brownish Bigfoot stuck its head out. Then the whole massive body slipped from between the branches. When the Bigfoot stood to stretch, Maynard gasp at its height and weight. It was clearly over 15 feet tall and at least 400 pounds.

Ginger yelped and yelped once the Bigfoot was fully visible. This startled the creature, who grunted in shock when it saw the dog and Maynard 50 yards away. The creature stared at the dog, obviously frightened. Instinctively, Maynard raised her hand and waved at the Bigfoot. She heard herself saying, “Don’t worry, she’s friendly.”

But by then the creature at turned around and bolted off into the bushes again. Ginger trotted back to Maynard’s side and sneezed profusely as she got many pets.

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