2012, Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia: Turkey Hunting Bigfoot


2012, Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia: Turkey Hunting Bigfoot 

Caleb Sarka and his Grandfather Jim were walking along a ridge near Smith Mountain Lake. On side there was a low grassy area. On the other, a steep slope. Caleb wanted to try climbing up the slope, but his Grandfather said no. It rained and he did not want to take a muddy boy back home.

As they discussed this, Caleb lost interest. Distracted by the group of turkeys. Feeling bad for the boy’s sense of adventure, his grandfather suggested Caleb to see how close he could get to a turkey. Caleb bet he could just about touch one. His grandfather chuckled as the turkeys flew away just as Caleb started down the slope.

Caleb’s look of disappointment quickly changed to surprise. Both boy and grandfather heard a terrifying scream. More like a growling hoot, the sound came from all around them. Caleb ran back up the ridge. His grandfather said it must be kids trying to scare them. Caleb was not convinced but agreed.

They walked on. About five minutes later, they stopped dead in their tracks by a loud thundering noise. Then the ground shook. Like when construction crews drop something on the road they are going to dig up. Caleb and his grandfather agreed that something weird was happening.

Just as they left the woods, the hooting screams got more intense. The anger conveyed was fierce. Caleb is convinced that the turkeys he scared off were being hunted by several bigfoot. They were really mad that he cost them their supper. Caleb’s grandfather agrees that whatever they heard was odd, indeed.

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