1988, Kimbolton, Ohio: Man Discovers Bigfoot Tree House


1988, Kimbolton, Ohio: Man Discovers Bigfoot Tree House

Turner Gipson was hiking not far from his trailer off Boone Road. Gipson noticed a lot of branches, leaves, and other broken under bush surrounding one tree. This particular tree was large and old. It was sturdy and tall.

As Gipson peered up, he thought he saw movement in the branches. The harder he focused, he was able to determine that he was looking at some sort of shanty structure. Figuring some kids in the area made themselves a tree fort, Gipson laughed and kept walking.

A few minutes later, he heard someone coming toward him. Since it was getting dark out earlier in the day, he thought nothing of it. Probably just a neighbor walking by. Gipson called out. A guttural growl responded.

Gipson knew he saw no dog with the hulking massive black shadow that approached him.  He called out again. This time he saw the glowing eyes of an ape. Then he saw the full details of a massive Bigfoot racing toward him.

Gipson ran and ran. He later figured out that the Bigfoot was protecting its tree house home. When he returned to the tree a few days later, the structure was gone as was all evidence.

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