1990, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve: Bear and Bigfoot Wrestle


1990, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve: Bear and Bigfoot Wrestle

Ranger Jen Stewart was collecting samples of seeds and plants for her upcoming Junior Ranger program in Elim. When she sees a brown bear in the distance. It is acting very strangely, then it stands on it back paws in an aggressive manner.

That is when Ranger Stewart spies a very large man in a big coat running toward the bear. She starts to yell in horror. She digs her binoculars out of her backpack to better see what is happening.

Once she gets a good bead on the pair, they are locked in an upright wrestling hold. She is so frightened for the man. That is when she realizes the bear is not wrestling a man at all. The other creature looks like nothing she’s ever encountered before. Though it does resemble what she’s always heard Sasquatches look like.

Amazed at the display she watches the pair scuffle. It becomes clear that the bear and the Bigfoot are not fighting to the death, instead playing around. The grunts almost sound like laughs. The exhibition abruptly ends when Ranger Stewart’s radio crackles with static. Both creatures, startled, bolt away in different directions.

When Ranger Stewart reports what she saw, no one is that surprised.

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