1987, Ghost Lake, Wisconsin: Fisherman’s Boat Overturned by Bigfoot


1987, Ghost Lake, Wisconsin: Fisherman’s Boat Overturned by Bigfoot

Jeffery Walton was fishing on Ghost Lake early in the morning. He already caught several muskies and threw back a little walleye.

Walton got a heavy tug on his line, which startled him. He jerked back uncharacteristically since he was an experienced fisherman. He felt that his line was ripping through something. Maybe a sweater or other sort of submerged piece of clothing. When his line broke the surface of the water, the hook dragged up what looked like a wig of brownish yellow hair.

Just as he reached out to grab his line, his unmoving little boat jerked like it ran aground. He fell forward, losing his grip on his fishing pole.  Walton was on the floor of his boat as the whole thing started violently rocking back and forth. He saw a big hairy paw reach out of the water, grab on to the side of the boat. Then Walton was in the water.

His boat capsized, all his gear sank to the bottom. As he swarm to the surface, she saw a dark murky figure standing on the bottom of the lake. Walton described its piercing red eyes, clearly staring at him. He swam as fast as he could to shore.

Walton’s only explanation was that there was a Bigfoot in the lake. Probably fishing itself, when he line hooked into it. Angry the creature flipped his boat. Walton is grateful the monster did not kill him.

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