2006, Creedman Coulee National Wildlife Refuge, Montana: Man Pelted with Golf Balls


2006, Creedman Coulee National Wildlife Refuge, Montana: Man Pelted with Golf Balls

Hector Williams was hitting golf balls into the Creedman Coulee wetlands. This was something he did often, even though he knew that it was a stupid and probably illegal thing to do. Williams resented the wetlands. He wanted a golf course instead of a wildlife refuge.

After about a bucket of balls, Williams paused to smoke a cigarette. That is when he felt something whack him in the back, right between his shoulder blades. Just as he turned around to see what struck him, he was hit again. This time on the side of his upper arm. Someone or something was throwing his golf balls back at him and with surprising accuracy.

The next few balls hit him in the leg and buttocks. That is when Williams shouted out for whomever was doing this to show themselves, so Hector could have words with them. The only response Williams got was a loud hoot as a few more balls landed squarely on his chest.

Williams felt the welts growing under his skin, when he saw a large hairy, shadowy figure about half a mile off. Whatever was throwing the balls at him was not human, Williams was convinced.  Suspecting an angry Bigfoot, Williams turned and ran back to his car. He abandoned his golf clubs and other gear.

He never returned to the wildlife refuge. The pictures he took of his bruises did not develop properly, so he has no real evidence of his golf ball assault.

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