1972, Phillips Lake, Nebraska: Church Group See Glowing Eyes


1972, Phillips Lake, Nebraska: Church Group See Glowing Eyes

18 year old Eddy McColm was leading a Youth Group Retreat for his Christ The Savior Church Youth Group.  They were in a small cabin near Phillips Lake.  Just as most of the kids had wandered off to sleep, Eddy and Jim Blarney stayed up playing cards.

Somewhere around one in the morning, Blarney heard something snorting and scratching at the cabin door.  McColm was sure it was a raccoon, since he heard a lot of them around his neighborhood. Blarney ran and got a flashlight. The two tried to shine the light out onto the small porch.

At first they were not able to see anything. Then McColm gasped. He saw a very hair man-like figure, too big and out of proportion to be an actual man. McColm knew it must be a bear or other creature. Blarney claims he saw the figure turn toward him, wave a massive hairy arm at the light and then sprint from the cabin.

The boys scanned the darkness. Just as they caught the red glowing eyes of the Bigfoot crouching a few yards off, they heard a terrible howl, that woke most of the sleeping youth group.  After sunrise, the youth group missed breakfast looking for footprints, hair, or other evidence of their nighttime visitor.

No real evidence was discovered.

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