1987, Hockomock Swamp, Massachusetts: Baffled Girl Emerges From Swamp


1987, Hockomock Swamp, Massachusetts: Baffled Girl Emerges From Swamp

12 year old Elizabeth Lynch wandered out of Hockomock Swamp late in the afternoon. Elizabeth Lynch had been reported missing for nearly a week when she was found.

Nearly unharmed, Elizabeth was completely baffled as to how long she was missing.  She remembers becoming separated from her brother, Eugene, when they were exploring the wetlands.  Her brother scared her with a tale of a wild goat creature that sucked the blood of little girls.

Eugene reported to his parents and the authorities, it was as if his little sister had vanished into thin air. She was a few feet away pouting as he poked at a log with a stick, when he turned back to say something to her. She was gone.

The story Elizabeth recounted involved a disorganized series of events.  She remembered a big nest high in a tree, a gentle Bigfoot who showed her around the swamp, and possibly a young  Bigfoot who was her playmate.

The authorities, disbelieving the account of a Bigfoot, suspect that the child was abducted by swamp people. Who most likely were going to try to ransom the child, until they thought better of their scheme and let her go.


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