1961, Lloyds Drive In, Woland, Wyoming: Ape Man Attacks Concession Stand


1961, Lloyds Drive In, Woland, Wyoming: Ape Man Attacks Concession Stand

Shaniece Roby was selling hotdogs and other concessions at Lloyd;s Drive In.  The the 7:00 pm show just started and her line was only a few people long.  When suddenly she heard some loud thumping, like trunks and car doors being slammed shut.

Then the screaming started.  People were running all over the place. Then the horns started honking. Tires squealed.

As she leaned over the counter to try and see what caused the commotion, she saw a large black figure leaping from car roof to car hood.  It made a straight line toward her concession stand.

Shaniece Roby recalls the ape creature bang into the side of the counter. And how it smelled of onions and rotten cabbage. And how tall and wide it was and how all its hair seemed matted and wet.  And then Shaniece Roby recalls running.

By the time the police arrived, all the cars were long gone (though some fenders remained).  The concession stand was completely ransacked.  All the hot dog buns were missing and there was mustard everywhere.  The police found footprints measuring over 23 inches long.  Along with the hair that was recovered at the scene, the police reported this as the attack of a transient.

But if you asked them unofficially, a few might say, that Lloyd’s Drive In was attacked by a genuine Bigfoot.

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