2004, Weehut Lake, Blue ridge, Georgia: Hiker and Dog Attacked By Bigfoot


2004, Weehut Lake, Blue ridge, Georgia: Hiker and Dog Attacked By Bigfoot

Donald Jungman took his dog, Tiger, out for a walk. While Jungman sat and watched the ducks on Weehut Lake, Tiger bounded around chasing bees and sniffing everything in sight.

Jungman noticed, at some point, that Tiger had been very quiet for sometime.  So Jungman started shouting for Tiger to come.  “Come Here, Boy!” Jungman called out several times, as he started to pace back and forth.  Tiger usually bounded out of his hiding place after the third or fourth call.  This day, Tiger did not respond.

Jungman heard what sounded like a tree snapping in two, it was a loud thunder clap of branches and bark.  Then Jungman heard Tiger’s ferocious barking.  He ran in the direction of the commotion.

Jungman came to a clearing, where he saw Tiger, back hair bristling, teeth barred, barking and barking at something just beyond the thicket.  Jungman sternly called for Tiger to come.  The dog was in his own little world of fury.

Just as Jungman was close enough to put the leash on Tiger, a large branch flew over them and landed with a muddy thump.  Then a barrage of rocks and pebbles came raining down on Jungman and his dog.  Tiger yelped and ran in the opposite direction.  As Jungman turned to follow, he swears he saw a reddish haired Bigfoot in the trees, paws full of rocks, laughing at their retreat!

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