1952, Lake Eucha, Oklahoma: Bigfoot Displaced by Spavinaw Creek Dam


1952, Lake Eucha, Oklahoma: Bigfoot Displaced by Spavinaw Creek Dam

In 1952, Spavinaw Creek was dammed creating Lake Eucha. While the Cherokee were warned that their town was going to be submerged, the Bigfoot Colony that lived around the creek, did not.

The week the dam went live and the lake was created, the Cherokee witnessed a very angry Bigfoot Migration.  It included smashed car wind shields, crushed trash bins, and a rash of endlessly barking dogs.  Several of the tribal elders, recounted when they first put in the electricity to the town.  A similar Bigfoot event happened as the night grew brighter.

Where the Bigfoot went remains undetermined.  But they never did return to the Eucha area.

2001, Paint Township, Pennsylvania: Bruce Wineberger Calls 911 on Bigfoot


2001, Paint Township, Pennsylvania: Bruce Wineberger Calls 911 on Bigfoot

Bruce Wineberger was well known to Paint Township sheriff’s dispatchers.  Mr. Weinberger called 911 once or twice a week to report that a Bigfoot was in his yard kicking over the flower garden.  Or to report that Bigfoot was tramping mud all over the house and making a general trespass of his property.

Today was the last time Mr. Wineberger called 911.  He called to report that a Bigfoot was in his garage throwing all his yard tools into the street.  When asked to describe the Bigfoot, Mr. Wineberger said “I dunno. He is maybe 12 foot tall, covered in hair, and smells like a fishy sewer.  Just get a police cruiser over here before he eats any more of my leftovers!”

The police did arrive about a half an hour later to find Mr. Wineberger sitting in a lawn chair in his front yard, drinking a can of beer, dressed only in his underwear.  He was defiant and argumentative upon questioning.

1949, Adler Creek, Sandy, Oregon: Charles McBride Witnesses a Bigfoot Funeral


1949, Adler Creek, Sandy, Oregon: Charles McBride Witnesses a Bigfoot Funeral

While fishing, Charles McBride saw a group of what looked like three bears walking upright move through the forest.  Leaving his kit behind, McBride followed the bear creatures.

After several stops, where the creatures leaned against trees and appeared to weep, the procession stopped at a particularally shallow spot in the river.  The three creatures waded into the Creek.  McBride, then, saw that two of the creatures were carrying a fourth creature.

Two of the Bigfoot washed their dead friend in the creek, smoothing out its fur.  Meanwhile, the third started digging a deep hole with his massive hands.  The three gently lowered the body of their friend into the grave and howled together.  McBride thought he heard a sad melody to the beast’s dirge.

All three Bigfoot filled in the hole.  The smallest of the three gathered up some smooth stones and little rocks, which were carefully arranged on the grave.  Once this ritual was completed, all three Bigfoot ran off in different directions.

Later when McBride tried to return to the grave site, he could not find the rocks nor any evidence of recent digging.  As a result, his story remains widely dismissed as the fantasy of a sun drunk fisherman.

1995, New Plymouth, Ohio: Earl Vinton Catches Bigfoot Having Relations with his Cows


1995, New Plymouth, Ohio: Earl Vinton Catches Bigfoot Having Relations with his Cows

Earl Vinton claims he was awoken in the early morning to sounds of agitation coming from his barn.  Vinton, figuring another coyote or fox was about, slung on his bathrobe, grabbed his shotgun, stepped barefoot into his rain boots, and positioned his cap.  He stepped out on to the creaky back porch.  In the early morning light, he thought he saw a large man dart between two cows out near the fence.

Vinton called out for the tramp to show himself or get on get.  When the only answer he got was the panicked moos of the cows, Vinton took flight down toward the cow pen.

Vinton saw a 10 foot manthing covered in reddish yellow hair standing behind one of his best cows.  Vinton made a commotion which startled the beast.  Only after the creature disentangled itself from the rear haunches of the cow did Vinton get a full accounting of what that monster was doing.

“Dang it too, if that cow has never been the same since,” Vinton laments over iced tea.