1973, Ouachita River Arkadelphia, Arkansas: Three Motorists See Bigfoot In the Road


1973, Ouachita River Arkadelphia, Arkansas: Three Motorists See Bigfoot In the Road

Around 8:30 PM, Carla Slowvan was driving along the Ouachita River. Tailgating her was a very impatient, Frank Hiller, the high school star quarterback, who was late to his youth group meeting.  Bringing up the rear, a safe two car lengths from Hiller’s back fender was Mildred Cacheck.

Cacheck saw the monster lurking in the middle of the road first and in a timely and responsible manner, applied her breaks.  Slowvan, distracted by Hiller’s headlights, which he kept flashing in her mirror, nearly hit the monster crouching near the yellow lane dividing line.  Hiller shouted a very nasty word, that would embarass his mother should she happen to read this, as he hit his breaks a second too late, thus rear ending Slowvan’s car.

In the chaos of the car accident, screeching tires, and errant horn honking, the Bigfoot, slowly, rose to its full 12 foot height.  Pinched between its massive fingers was a small blue flower that it had stooped down to retrieve from the middle of its, otherwise, quick road crossing pace.

When the police arrived on the scene of the accident, it was only the word of Mildred Cachekc that carried any weight.  For Cacheck was known through the area as a fine and cautious individual of high moral character.  While it was established that something was in the road, Hiller was still cited for failing to control his vehicle.  A ticket that was thrown out by Judge Don Debartlo, a high school football enthusiast.

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