2012, Ogden Canyon, Utah: Man Claims He Found Bigfoot Fossil


2012, Ogden Canyon, Utah:  Man Claims He Found Bigfoot Fossil

Doug Burton often goes to the hot springs in the middle of the night because he is a nudist.  When there are less people around, he can swim in the hot springs without his swimsuit on and not get into trouble.  Though, he admits there is always the risk of running into some high school kids partying in the area.  But it being Utah, there is not much worry about the party being too rowdy.

Burton claims that he encountered Bigfoot in the Canyon as well.  On several occasions, but few then ten, Burton actually caught a glimpse of the “gorilla like creature with a really large forehead and a severe overbite; totally covered in fur and smelling like an outhouse at the Boy Scout Camp.”

On this particular evening, the moon was very bright.  Such nights usually give Burton pause because he might be seen by any other late night passerby. So instead of taking his usual nude dip in the hot spring, he decided to walk around for awhile.

It was near the North East area that Burton claims his flip flop caught on the edge of a large oddly shaped object.  Too smooth to be a stone, Burton investigated.  With very little effort, he was able to dislodge the specimen.  As he dusted it off and picked some of the packed earth out of its ridges, Burton came to see that he was holding a fossilized skull.

Burton raced home to further clean and examine his find.  On the way, he dreamed off the cover of National Geographic and maybe a Jay Leno interview! He was going to be famous.  But when he got home and in the better light, Burton realized that what he discovered was much more shocking and frightening – he had stumbled upon a Bigfoot fossil!

While Burton will tell this story to everyone who will listen, he suspiciously refuses to show the fossil to anyone.

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