2002, Prentice Cooper State Forest, Tennessee: Bigfoot Seen and Heard


2002, Prentice Cooper State Forest, Tennessee: Bigfoot Seen and Heard

Loren Wade-Wiley told this story:

“I was walking like I do everyday to keep these diabetic legs from freezing up on me.  You know how diabetics walk when they are doing their therapy?  Kicking one leg out all akimbo then stomping the foot down, hard and flat.  Makes a stomping sound is the only way I can think to describe it, at all.”

“Anyway, there I was, early in the morning, not so early that the sun wasn’t up, because it was and it was clear and bright that morning too.  So all those naysayers who call me a liar or think maybe I mistook a transient miscreant for a Bigfoot just should face up to the facts that I am not lying about what I saw next.”

“A Bigfoot.”

“Honest to Jesus!  I saw it standing right over in the woods not that far from where I was doing my diabetic leg therapies.  It was just standing there really.  Not doing anything on its own.  I think it was just as surprised to see me as I was to see it.  I say that because the next thing I can see is that Bigfoot let out a little welp, like a dog sometimes does in its sleep, you know that kind of noise? Or maybe you don’t keep dogs.”

“So it makes this little welp, then hops up on its toes, turns and runs off in the opposite direction.  Even though it was gone, I was certain of that fact, I did not finish my diabetic leg therapies that morning.  Instead, I took myself right to McDonalds and got a milk shake to calm my nerves.”

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