1978, Vernon County, Wisconsin: Bigfoot Interrupts the Family BBQ


1978, Vernon County, Wisconsin: Bigfoot Interrupts the Family BBQ

Sam Upgrave was cooking out with his family.  They had taken their plates into the kitchen, abandoning the condiments and a bowl of chips on the picnic table on their backyard deck.  The wind had picked up and it started to rain.

Just as the family was sitting down to enjoy their hamburgers and grilled bratwursts, Emily Upgrave let out an ear splitting screech.  She pointed to the deck as tears ran down her face.  Sam and his wife turned around to see what scared their youngest child.

“It was some kind of apeman,” Cheryl Upgrave told us, “bigger than any basketball player on Timothy’s high school squad and darker than a black bear!”

“But it was just as hairy,” Sam chimed in, “I mean let’s call it what it was, a Bigfoot.  Though they way it grabbed that bowl of chips, I might call him Bigpaws, too.”

“Little Emily’s scream frightened the beast.  I know because when it looked up, it looked right at me.  I could see the fear in its red eyes.  It knew it had exposed itself to unreasonable danger coming up on the deck.”

“Now, now, Cheryl, there is no way you can say that for sure,” Sam cooed.

“Yes, I can,” she replied flatly, “a mother knows that look and it was the same look that Bigfoot gave me.”

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