1963, Tenmile River, Oregon: Couple Hits A Bigfoot Collects Hair Sample


1963, Tenmile River, Oregon: Couple Hits A Bigfoot Collects Hair Sample

Janice and Theo Klopper were tooling around in their new Chevy.  They drove up and down the Lockwood Road, just going to the dead end and back, really getting to know their exciting new purchase.  Their own car.  Imagine that!

Just as they had made the U turn for the third time, they see a dark figure crouching in the middle of their path.  Theo attempts to swerve out of the way, but clips the creature as it leaps up and out of the way.  The Chevy careened slightly to the left as the 12 foot hairy manbeast leaped right.

There was a terrifying scream with a resounding thump.  Janice was screeching in horror.  Somewhat out of panic and self-preservation, Theo gunned it toward home.  He ran every stop sign and disobeyed most of the traffic laws he so carefully studied.

Once they were back, in the safety of their garage, Janice bolted inside and locked herself in the upstairs bathroom.  She remained there sobbing for two hours.  Theo took stock of the damage to his new automobile.  While the dent was substantial but there was stuck to one of the crumpled edges of metal was a patch of hair.  Theo collected the hair, worried that he might have hit and run a hobo.  He sealed the hair in a little plastic bag and kept it.

Years later, Janice would find the hair and accuse Theo of cheating on her.

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